Successful people seem to have one thing in common. They have vision.  They know what they want and nothing can stop them from creating their reality.  They set daily, weekly and monthly goals -  little stepping stones that bring them closer to their vision; their dream.

 Goals encourage determination and challenge the will to achieve something within a specific timeframe.   Once the goal is reached, then bigger goals can be set.  Successful people don't focus on 'how will I get there'.  They focus on the end results.  They keep the bigger goal in front of them, and continue working towards it one step at a time.

 To achieve success, think about what it means to you.  What do you want in life, in your relationships, in your career? If you don't know end result, how can you make a plan to get there? Envision yourself in  your ideal situation.  Think about it, feel it and start taking the steps to get there.  We all have the ability to create a better life or achieve something great, we just have to know which direction to take to create it. 


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