I wrote an earlier post, in response to a question I had received, about Voice Recognition Software and the threat of Medical Transcription becoming obsolete. You can see that here: A Dying Field?

This is why I am not worried about VR taking over the Medical Transcription field:

VR: "this is a trauma center"

Should have been: "Azithromycin"

VR: "normal cephalic"

Should have been: "normal saline"

VR: "post-asleep"

Should have been: "uses 2-3 pillows to sleep"

VR: "cool cough."

Should have been: "cool cloth on his head"

VR: "smoke pack"

Should have been: "Mobic"

VR: "biting infection"

Should have been "displaying affection"

VR: "first try her"

Should have been "first trimester"

VR: "alcohol and toxic ration"

Should have been "alcohol intoxication"

VR: "playstation"

Should have been "The patient"

That's only a small portion of the mistakes I corrected in one morning. All this in only half an hour of work...

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