I have always thought that my parents would live forever. Well, that changed on October 30, 2014. My dad had a stroke back in July and spent a long time in the hospital. During his stay they found the cancer. He was shocked since he quit smoking many years ago. The cancer spread through his lungs and into his brain. He was always the stubborn one who would not take care of himself. When he found out he at Diabetes, he still didn't follow doctors orders. 

He was the strong one in our family. He was in the Army, a paramedic, a police officer, a private investigator and owned his own bounding company. I remember all of this like it was just yesterday. 

Before he passed, I would call everyday to find out what was going on as far as his health. See, my family and I do not talk like we did due to arguments and other reasons. No one answered the phone or called me back. If it wasn't for Facebook, I would have not learned about his funeral. 

I guess I feel a little guilty about a lot of things but, I am just as stubborn as my Dad. I am glad he is not in pain. When my brother called me on my cell phone, I did not even realize it was him. He called on the Sunday before his passing to let me know how bad my dad really was. At that point, I knew it would have been any day after that I would get the call. 

Thursday around 12:30 pm, I was resting on the couch when my phone rang and it was my brother. He asked if I was sitting down. I knew then my Dad was gone. 

It hurts that I didn't get to say goodbye or say I am sorry for all the heartache I may of caused but, something tells me he already knows that. 

So, Dad, I write this journal with a heavy heart and tears in my eyes, but now I can say GOOD BYE!

I know I will see you again someday but until then Don't have to much fun in Heaven! I will always love and remeber you! 

Your Little Angel on Earth! 


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