Humor me here as I've completed two posts about Lucy and no one has yet to change her diaper.  I thought about writing of Ebola and the nurse and doctor who thought they were above quarantine.  I could write about the upcoming elections.  I could write about how Honey Boo Boo and her family lost an approximately $100,000 a year pay check because Mama June is in fact trash and has poor taste in men.  Then there is Renee Zellweger's face. 

I could write about the World Series but I have no idea who is playing.  I could write about my favorite month of the year, October has been weather wise, more glorious than most.  I could write about the scandal a Wolfpack fan's nemesis, UNC-CH is going through.  I could write about how our football team sucks once again and how I've decided to become an Ole' Miss fan even though I've never known anyone who went there.

Fact is I can't write about any of those things as my mind is filled with Lucy, Lucy and more Lucy.  Yes, we are prepared but, this wait is excruciating .  No one has ever said about me "She is the most patient person I've ever known".  Most would agree I'm just the opposite.  I like my ducks in row, my T's crossed and when I make a schedule it is followed.  I'm never late and wonder how anyone can be spontaneous.  So, since I'm jumping out of my skin now, I've decided to analyze Lucy's role as the second child. 

I was the first child and the second one didn't come until I was almost six.  Sure I was excited about my "brother" coming but, even at five I remember how he initially disrupted my schedule.  I have to add here from the time I knew that "he" was coming, very few thoughts were that the child my Mom was carrying might be a she.  It was 1960 so there were no ultrasounds.  No one knew until the child was born what its sex would be.  However, my parents must have had an inside connection divine or otherwise.  I got a brother.

I remember one day being sent to divide a week staying with both sets of my Grandparents.  I loved them sure but, I was being sent to the far off place of Winston-Salem from my Greensboro home.  In 1960 you didn't get from one of these places to the next on a six lane highway.  It was quite a journey with some unpaved roads along the way.

I marvel now about how my Parent's knew the exact week to send me away.  All they had to work with was an estimated due date based on the fact that women delivered babies nine months from conception since the beginning of time.  Miraculously I was sent away at such a precise date that I got to spend equal time with my Mom and my Dad's families.

For a child almost six who had been an adored child and only Grandchild in one family sharing my spotlight with my new brother was difficult at first.  For about the first week actually and then as I still do thought he was really cool.  My own son, who was the first child can't remember when his only child status was no more.  There was not a three year difference so unless he looks at pictures he has no concept of what his life was like before his sister.

He was not sent to his Grandparent's homes in the week that I was scheduled to have his sister.  I've already stated that I bullied a DR into setting a no fail, exact date as both sets of his Grandparents lived two hundred miles away.  How blessed we were that all four of them were on call, ready, willing and able to make the trip which was on fully paved interstate highways.

As Lucy came into the world both sets of her grandparents were either a day trip away or a drive across town all on nice roads.  Her sister didn't have to be sent away for a week prior to the due date.  It's a good thing as Lucy was torn between making her entrance or just staying put for a couple of weeks.  Same thing our second child did.

I asked my Mom how on earth did they know the precise time to put me in my Grandparents care.  She explained that I was due on the 30th and was born on the 1st.  My brother's due date was the 12th and he was born on the 13th.  It was as simple as that. 

As I've said before when you are pregnant with your second child you accept the due date you are given, remember how your first child came into the world and just go from there.  You surely hope for a perfectly healthy second child sooner rather than later.  You are going to have to do the baby thing again with your delightful first child to help.  You are ready to get the show on the road.

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