Crown Princess Mary truly loves her work and despite the cultural diversity she had to overcome during a visit to Winterveldt, a very small village in the North part of Johannesburg, she managed to overcome the language barrier using universal gestures. Mary was quickly surrounded by many children as she successfully communicated with them in a very heart-warming way.

The center of the royal attention became the 2-year-old girl Thandeka. Mary crouched down and tried to play peek-a-boo with the shy girl. Thandeka wasn't the only child that grabbed Mary's attention. A very cute 3-year-old boy got a high-five before the Crown Princess left.

Crown Princess Mary visited the small village Winterveldt to raise diabetes awareness amongst the population with the help of the Novo Nordisk Company. Mary managed to have a lengthy chat with the staff about the treatment and the challenges South Africans face in the fight with this disease.

Crown Princess Mary's visit in South Africa was also related with the fight against domestic violence. Before she visited the small town of Winterveldt, she stopped by Soshanguve Township where she met a lot of men who had overcome their violent nature and who had stopped being violent with their girlfriends or wives. These men are dedicated to the ‘'Brothers for Life'' national campaign and they are trying to stop violence against women as they recognize it as one very big problem South African women are facing.

Crown Princess Mary has now ended her South African four-day visit, which started on Sunday when she visited the ‘'Stellekaya Winery'' and met with the first woman to make wine in South Africa.

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