Today I am feeling absolutly bored, however I am feeling very determined. I am currently still on mat leace and my daughter is going to be 7 months on the 10th. I will be having to go back to working in march when my leave is up and I have been looking for job postings here and there to prepare to go back to work. My hubby is currently working and makes just over minimim wages with full benefits. However he recently just got a job offer that is higher pay with full benefits but he will be entered into a hiring pool which makes us a little nervous of how long it will take him to obtain a full time position. However even if she works 4 days a week he will be making more than his other job, and its not just about the money its alot close to home to where he computes everyday an hour drive total to and from work, and with snow coming I really dont want him traveling in the snow and bad weather. So i think its worth taking the risk in a long run. 

I myself am really looking forward to going back to work I love having the sense of success of my work, although I do enjoy being at home with my daughter everyday, but I would like to have a professional work day for myself. However Im not going back to work until March and that is if I can get a job at that time I recently left my jobs when I went on mat leave because my boyfriends job now was in a different city so we moved which is closer to my family anyways which is awesome! So right now Im looking for something that could help keep me busy I always thought maybe selling Avon, or Sensy something along that lines but im not really sure if thats something that would be worth my wild, but I guess I wont know if I dont try right? 

So basically I am looking for something to keep me motivated and help with my sence of successfulness and professional buissness aspect of my life. 

What does everyone else do while they are stay at home moms? How do you find your sense of success/professionalism? 

Id love to hear what everyone is up tooo. 


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