Lucy is here and as I expected, she's healthy and beautiful.  Mom and Baby are doing just fine.  She came on a Saturday and everyone was prepared for the moment.  Like her sister, she came about twelve hours after her Mom checked in.  She came on the first day of the season when we had to pull out our winter coats.  She came when it was raining and we all know that's lucky.

I've always loved hanging out at a place where babies are born.  Everyone from the doctors to the nurses, to the other medical personnel act like they couldn't wait to get out of bed to get to work.  None of them show any sign of not feeling well or having a bad day.  Equally so are the security people, volunteers, maintenance and the people in the snack bar.  It's much happier at hospital where babies are born.

People from all walks of life are gathered to wait for and finally see their little miracle.  Needless to say they border on euphoric.  I've gone from the one there to provide the entertainment to the one who waits.  Both are really exciting of course.  If you are the one there to have your baby you have something to do which you hope will result in someone telling you to push in record time.

If you are the one waiting you check out the vending machines.  There are TV's and a nice assortment of women's magazines.  You can use your gadgets but, realize you don't have the chargers with you so you limit your usage as you don't know how long you'll be there.  You can also talk to your family who is gathered with you but, all you have to talk about is the baby you are waiting for and clock watching so, the vending machines are your best bet.

Lucy's other Grandmother and I ate a bag of Fritos, M&Ms, pretzels and a granola bar while we waited.  We polished them off with a couple of sodas.  Feeling badly we did hit the cafeteria for a salad and a bottle of water.  There was a family who had been there for thirty hours awaiting the birth of the golden grandchild.  They had several boxes of Krispy Kremes and I came embarrassingly close to walking over and helping myself.

Their baby came a few hours before ours did, as it should have been.  I couldn't have faced them otherwise.  Then I realized that all the babies were hidden.  All of our lives we've seen the new child through a window where all the babies were in their own cubicles with pink and blue cards and their last name on them.  You point out your special bundle to all who will look and you take pictures.  That doesn't happen anymore.

The shades in the nursery are drawn.  The babies are whisked to Mom's room as quickly as possible.  Family members go back two at a time to share the joy and they come back to the waiting room and share the pictures they've taken with their cell phones.  That's fine but, to fully appreciate these images you have to fish for your glasses.  I miss seeing the room full of babies.

As I've pointed out before things about birthing babies change.  I don't think Moms will ever get the five day hospital stay my Mom did again.  I don't think a pregnant woman will be encouraged to have a vodka shot or smoke a cigarette to get her through labor.  It is almost like it was eighty years ago when women gave birth.  One day's rest and back to business as usual except, of course, with lots of drugs, drips and monitors.

Something I do hope comes back around is the baby room.  I think it's cruel that it has been taken away.  Just three years ago when Lucy's sister came into the world friends, family and anyone else who was on the other side of the window got to enjoy her first bath and the poking and prodding to assure she was fine.  There wasn't a single person in the room who didn't watch and enjoy.

Now for all those who wait there is no longer the joy of seeing a complete stranger's face light up when they see their special child for the first time.  Not to mention the look on your own loved one's at that amazing moment.  They all get a kick out of seeing yours too.  It's just not the same looking at a cell phone picture when you know that the baby is behind a drawn shade.

So Lucy is here in all her glory, the thirty hour people are back in their homes.  They as well as Lucy's other Grandmother and I are dieting this week because of the massive amount of junk food we inhaled during the wait.  I'm sure we wouldn't have eaten as much if we had some babies to look at.  I wonder if the vending machine people had something to do with them pulling the shades on the baby room.


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Dec. 4, 2014 at 9:14 PM


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