... and Help us raise money to feed children and women living with HIV

Women in Uganda are hit hard by the scourge (8.2% of the total Women population). The challenges in accessing antiretroviral therapy (only 40% of total infections are accessing ART) are affecting 90% of women and yet for every one single access to ART, 3 more new infections are documented where two of them are women. Considering the poverty (70% live on less than a $1) and fertility rate (6.1) in Uganda in addition to the discrimination traits based on gender, women are challenged, widowed or rejected by their spouses and yet left alone to cater for the needs of their children and families.

In addition, 34% of the total number of widowed women are living with HIV and of these only 3.5% can support their families with a meal and basic needs. The level of violence against women and the lack of equal opportunities based on tribe and social status, is affecting the women's ability to live a healthy and manageable livelihood.

The Eliezah Foundation Initiative is calling you out to raise your hand and support our Feed me campaign to help raise money and feed Children and Mothers living with HIV. Starting today, the organisation is receiving donations at their Online Donations page to support purchasing food stuff for poor women living with HIV.


So please, Raise your hand and donate

We thank you for your generosity on behalf of everyone living with HIV

Other ways to help Women living with HIV


The Food Campaign

Eliezah Foundation Initiative Uganda
P. O. Box 29510 Kampala Uganda

Telephones; +256 392 175 789
Mobile:           +256 757 623 656


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