Let's face it. Supplies are getting scarce and pricier everyday. Sometimes the only reason why we purchase cleaning products is because of their lovely fragrance. I used to invest in a popular cleaning wipe from a trusted family company. One day, they discontinued my favorite brand and I was disappointed. Unfortunately, companies tend to do that a lot with their products. 
     Instead of writing a letter of my frustration to the company, I decided to make my own.  I gathered up these few things*:
                                               1 bottle of chlorine bleach
                                               3  4-6 oz spray bottles
                                               2  strong 2-3 ply paper towels
                                               4 oz bottle of 100 % peppermint oil
                                               tap water
                                               empty baby wipe container

*note: please read terms of use. I do not promote products. I am not responsible for all negative outcomes. Everything is at your own risk. This was from my own experience and not intended for solid plan of action. Please call product manufacturers for the proper handling of their item(s). Educate yourself before mixing liquid containing chemicals.
I start by making my cleaner. With the first spray bottle, I put in about 2 oz of chlorine bleach. Next, I put in 1/2 teaspoon of 100% peppermint oil. Sometimes I put in a little more or less, depending on how much fragrance I need to adjust. Peppermint oil can be pretty strong so a super little bit do go a long way.  Finally, I fill the rest of the spray bottle with tap water. I usually disinfect & clean my bathroom on a daily basis. By spraying down surfaces, not only do I kill germs,my bathroom smells fresh and clean!
Peppermint Cleaning Wipes:
I prepare my cleaning wipes after I have finished my cleaner. I take two rolls of 2-3 ply paper towels and cut them in 3 even sections similar to a roll of toilet paper. I remove the cardboard roll and gently pull the inside of the paper out. Then I spray the roll very damp but not soaked. I spray the top and bottom as well and place it in an empty baby wipe container. Before putting the lid on, I place the center tissue of the roll through the "pop up"space and pull out a wipe to see if it comes out correctly. At last, I close the lid tight. If the wipes seem a little dry, I simply give them a little spray with water or the cleaner again. The other rolls are put away . This saves me so much time and money. TIP: I  spray my cleaner, add a little baking soda when I need to scrub my sink and tub. I also use it on the top of my stove to attack stubborn grease. It cleans up like a charm!
Air Freshener Spray: 
I simply combine water and peppermint oil together and spray a fine mist as needed. 

 I have adopted this tip for many years. My family enjoys the pleasant fresh sent. The cleaner and supplies usually last me a very long time. I am very happy with it and will never go back to buying store bought cleaners.
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