I think most have heard the story of Brittany Maynard.  Her beautiful face graced the cover of People just weeks ago.  If you haven't heard, she is the twenty-nine year woman who moved with her husband and parents to Oregon so she could legally end her life.

Brittany was diagnosed with a brain tumor which was rapid in its progression.  She was told that she had a year at the most and was certainly offered the best of modern medicine to perhaps slow it down.  This would include grueling chemo and radiation.  She could have expected to lose her hair, lots of dignity and become a shell of her former self as loved ones looked on. 

She knew that there was about a 99% percent chance that none of this would prolong her life.  She decided to endure the difficulty and pain she would have as a result of this beast and as Tim McGraw so beautifully sang it, Live Like She Was Dying.  She first moved to the state which allows you to die with dignity.  She picked her DOD and crossed things off her bucket list until that day came.

Of course, there are those who thought Brittany was wrong in choosing to defy what was in God's plan for her.  People have done that since the beginning of time when they commit suicide.  Although there is not a commandment that forbids it, we've all heard that you don't go to Heaven if you do so and your family doesn't collect any insurance money.

I've always been of the belief that if I ever hear the words Stage Four, I'll say just shoot me or, as is the so called coward's way out, shoot myself.  As I've stated in my most recent blogs we or, our parents now have the opportunity to pick the day we are born.  Even that is not fool proof especially if the baby decides not to wait.  Brittany picked the day she would end her life but, she had no guarantee she would make it to that day.

She visited the Grand Canyon just weeks before the moment she picked to die.  An accident along the way could have taken her sooner making it all the more evident it all is still in God's hands.  He ultimately decides the day you are born and the day you die.  Who's to say one you pick yourself is not the right one?

Two of my dearest friends faced a terminal cancer at a few years older than Brittany. Both had small children and they chose to lose some dignity, be in a constant state of nausea and embrace whatever shred of hope medicine could offer.  I consider them two of the bravest women I have ever known.  They too had the support of loving parents and a spouse.  I think both of them went to their dying day fighting like crazy only because they wanted to see their children grow another day older.

Both women died just shy of the 40th birthdays.  Brittany died just shy of her 30th.  Unlike my friends she didn't have children.  She also had a state close by where assisted suicide is legal.  Kudos to Oregon for this.  Even without the kids she had a life that she didn't want to give up but sometimes you know there is no way out of what ails you.  Brittany too was one the bravest women I've ever heard of.

I hope she and my friends hook up in Heaven be it by Facebook or just wondering around in a flower filled field on a glorious day.  I didn't know Brittany but, from what I've read about her, she would like my friends just fine.  She will be in awe of what they endured before they came to Heaven.  They will be in awe of her courage.  There will be a mutual "You Go Girl" among the crowd.

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