On this beautiful Monday afternoon we want to INSPIRE you to
overcome your fears and start those initial choices of stepping into
your greatness!

If you have not already heard about the INCREDIBLE new series we
just launched, you definitely do NOT want to miss out! This series
is going to ENCOURAGE you to embrace what is holding you back
in business, your personal life and relationships that are the core
foundation to becoming truly abundant in life.

Over the next couple of weeks you will see us sharing videos of so called
"average" people stepping into their greatness, conquering their fears and
showing the world that you do not have to be perfect to make an impact
in other's lives! It will OPEN, RAW and very TRANSPARENT.

The videos are NOT by any means perfect, they are REAL people
with fears that they want to overcome and are sharing with the world
exactly how they are going to do that!

Bookmark this link ---> http://HowToOvercomeFear.tips

This will directly take you to every Video Post published through this
very special and heart felt series.

Here are the details for the very first featured video:

It is FINALLY PUBLISHED!!! You definitely want to watch and read this!

This first featured video in the "How To Overcome Fear" Series is
of someone who is near and dear to my heart. When I watched her video...
my eyes teared up and all I could think was how much this would impact
many to step out of their comfort zone. I was in admiration of her courage
and inspired by how transparent she was with what feared her the most.

Check out Debbie Chase and her opening up to hear fear of making
new friends, talking to people and being held for over 20 years in a
relationship that didn't allow her to "shine"....


You will see how to connect with Debbie on this very special blog post, I
encourage you to reach out and get to know this incredible woman!

Love and Light,
Jenn K May

P.S. You can follow me online through Facebook:
http://Facebook.com/JoinJennMay (See you there!)

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