My Husband and I had a date night tonight and we decided to have a nice dinner and go to Kohl's.  He was in need of socks, an extra pair of jeans and some boxer shorts that weren't transparent as the ones he had at home.  I needed another pair of not so pretty, comfortable shoes to add to my collection and some socks.

As I, my Husband prefers to pick out that he wears himself even down to the most intimate apparel. He knew he had to go to Kohl's because I would never be able to pick out the right socks.  I certainly wouldn't expect him to pick out socks for me.  So, armed with a 30% off coupon and a couple for an extra $10 off, we made our journey.

As it is when we hit Kohl's we split up within minutes of walking into the store.  We know after all these years I will grow bored as he analyzes the fabric content between the Adidas and Nike socks and he will grow frustrated as I can zip through the store and throw things into the basket at breakneck speed.  On this trip he headed off to find the perfect package of white, brown and black socks as I headed off in my quest to find another ugly pair of shoes.

We spend a half hour doing our own thing and meet up to gush about the bargains we have found.  When I caught up with him again I had not one but, two pairs of semi-orthopedic shoes in the basket.  I had picked up a couple of birthday cards and a sympathy one.  He had not committed to a buy one, get one free package of Gold Toes.  I offered my unwelcomed opinion and moved on. 

When I saw him again in addition to my other treasures I had my own socks, a picture frame, some potholders and Christmas ornaments for our Granddaughters.  I also had this great red felt hat and some makeup brushes.  He finally decided on some socks threw them in the basket and was off to spend twenty minutes looking for just the right boxer shorts.  I decided to be supportive and watch him do this.  After I ran over his foot with the basket a couple of times because he was moving so slow, he shooed me off again.  Thank goodness.

When I went back to check on him some fifteen minutes later he had found the perfect boxers.  I had found some Yankee Candle Car Jars, some new baking pans and some battery operated candles.  Not looking at what I had put in the basket, he asked if there was anything else I needed.  I had to say no as I had gone through the entire store twice while he picked out socks and underwear and even I know when to stop.

I had no choice to endure it as he picked out some jeans.  I pick out jeans by finding my size and a style I like.  He of course, has to look at all the jeans.  Ready to take my treasures home by this point I found his size in record time and was ready to take that final lap to the cash register.  Then we discovered that they were button fly.  What moron at the Levi Company thought that button fly jeans for a man was a good idea?  Anyway, we corrected the mistake quickly and I thought we could finally leave Kohl's.

Then I heard the dreaded words.....While we are here.  He then declared that a dog walking coat might be nice.  I talked him out of this by telling him LL Bean had the best dog walking coats at an affordable price.  He said OK and just wanted to look at some T-Shirts.  I might add that six drawers of our dresser are filled with his T-Shirts.  I let this one pass as the men's T-Shirts were next to women's shoes.  I didn't grab another pair of shoes but I tried on about three until he came over with yet another NCSU shirt which was on sale and he proudly proclaimed that with our discount would cost less than $10.  Great!

We were just feet from the cash register then.  As is our custom I go to pay for the purchases while he takes another quick look to make sure he doesn't have to come back to Kohl's for another year.  I arrive giddy as A. I can finally get out of there before I do more damage and B. I was really excited about the red hat.  The cashier was delightful, I was delightful as I pulled all our stuff out of the basket.

She commented on what good deals we got and I told her they were even better as I flashed my 30% off coupon.  Then I realized that maybe I should have thrown a pair of reading glasses in the basket when my sweet cashier informed me that my coupon was not good until the 11th.  It was the 9th.  My first reaction was I'm pleasant, she's pleasant, surely she would let me slide.

Then I realized that for her to let me slide would require bringing in the store manager.  I could have done that and he or she could have worked some sort of override trick and the store would have made a nice sale and, I could leave Kohl's.  I didn't as that would have involved more time spent for a 50/50 chance that I would get to use my coupon.

At this point I could have said "The Heck with It", and paid for the stuff without my coupon.  It didn't happen that way.  The calculator in my brain saved me.  Approximately $400 of basic stuff to sustain us for a year at 30% off is $280.  So, I simply apologized and said I would not be making the purchase.  There was no one in line behind me.  I might have reconsidered if there were.

I then went to find my Husband who was a bit bewildered that I wasn't carrying any bags.  I simply said my coupon wasn't valid until the 11th.  He had every right to go ballistic then but, he didn't.  Not to say he didn't grouse about it the entire way home but, I think secretly he was proud that I didn't pay the price.

I will be going back to Kohl's on the 11th alone to make it up to him and save my money.  I have a list of what he threw into the basket and I'll go buy it.  As I've thought about it most of what I had thrown into the basket would have been at Goodwill by the end of the year.  So, this incident has saved us more money.

I don't need another pair of shoes, baking pans, potholders or even a battery operated candle.  This will probably take over $100 off the bill.  I'll get some socks as I really need them and a Christmas ornament for my Granddaughters.  I'll get the picture frame as my Husband needs it to display images of these girls on his desk at work.  One thing I know that will head for first in my next trip to Kohl's is the red hat.

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