You've probably heard about Maegan Shoemaker by now. Maegan is the 25-year-old Niceville, Florida, mom recently banned from Plew Elementary School for asserting her right to breastfeed her 8 ½ month-old daughter in public. 

In my latest Family Field Guide blog post, I write Maegan an open letter. Mostly because she reminds me a lot of myself when I was younger. After thinking about what happened, I decided that public breastfeeding is only the tip of the iceberg.

Here's an excerpt:

According to www.nfwdailynews, (School Principal Carolyn McAllister) said she approached Shoemaker on the bleachers after receiving a complaint from a parent about her breastfeeding in sight of fifth-grade class using the track."

I can see that busybody mother in my mind's eye, the one who put a bee in McAllister's bonnet. Some people, Maegan, can’t tolerate anyone doing anything they wouldn’t do themselves. In fact, they're offended by the world at large. And so they create problems where none exist. 

But don’t you be that way. You still have a lot to accomplish in this world.

I’ve been around a while, and I can tell you that in this case, calling the resource officer was not an act of true leadership. If she were a real leader, the principal would have dealt with whoever got her panties in a twist by gently redirecting her attention to the event. She could have said that everything was fine and that you were not hurting anyone up there on the bleachers.

Unfortunately, in our current “flattened” society, true leadership is frowned upon. The hierarchical structures that used to exist took a forgiving and nurturing view of the young. my blog. Let me know your thoughts.

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