With my almost two year old son hiting the terrible two stage as they say and between looking after my little guy full time I also work from home full time so I find myself with little "me time" and my boyfriend works a lot of hours so I find my self wanting to lock myself in the bathroom just to Chew and swallow my food or cry depends on the day Lol but really being a mom is hard work and I'm sorry if you're reading this and you haven't hit reality yet and you still enjoy cooking dinner with a screaming child over whatever horribly anoying tv show you put on to try and avoid the whole screaming part or the never ending loads of laundry that some of grows like you cloth the army or the daily chore after every meal of dumping the wasted milk your fully grown child "boyfriend" can't understand dump and rinse so after the billionth time of washing his Favorite awkwardly sized milk mug You "accidentally" drop it in the sink opps and that's when it Happends everything you thought you knew and wanted in being a mom shattered just like that cup. At least that's how it happend for me

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