It's funny how annoyed I am with this when I know I am more then guilty of doing the same thing but when after dinner sitting in the living room after hearing about our days and such we sit there on the couch on our phones me myself probably scrolled Facebook a 100 times already and so has he watching his funny videos and seeing all the selfies of the girls he knew in high school or added in high school cause he thought they were hot. I read useless articles that make me question our relationship all the time and think of unrealistic things that would never happen. so I think we should talk more and then I think well what should we talk about really what is there to talk about really. You can only hear somthing so many times it just brings me to this what relationships are coming to staring at anything eles then trying to pull some sort of small talk out of Thin air with the person you love. I wish I could have gotten married before Facebook and smartphones

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