Catherine Middleton is feeling much better and her terrible sickness is behind her back. She seems happy and radiant and she has started attending many of her official engagements. On Wednesday, the Duchess visited a hopeful group of teenage athletes. She was elegant and once again revealed her very small baby bump whilst she played on a huge touch screen where she tested her reflexes.

Kate visited the GSK Human Performance Laboratory located in West London, where she checked her quick reactions by playing a game, which involved reacting to green and red lamps and the aim of the game was to touch the right ones. After the game, Kate went on a tour around the performance laboratory. She is a patron of the organization SportsAid which aims at supporting the future British sport stars. During her tour, she met some of the aspiring young athletes who were hoping that they will qualify for the Tokyo Olympics in 2020 after their performance tests. 

The performance tests include a great deal of exercises like power and strength assessments, analysis of body composition and cognitive testing. These are done in order to measure the progress of the athletes and they are all performed in environment that is close the weather conditions in Tokyo - hot and humid.

Emma Allen, who is only 17, was amongst the athletes who had the chance to meet Kate, Duchess of Cambridge. It took the Duchess a while to realize that the mask worn by the young lady while she was on her exercise bike prevented her from speaking and thus answering any of Kate's questions.

The Duchess seemed to have had a lot of fun at the laboratory for testing athlete's performance. She even made a joke when she played the game on the big screen: ‘'Finally, something I can do while I am pregnant''. Kate is now 16 weeks into her pregnancy and looks glowing and happy. On Wednesday, she wore a stunning Vreeland dress, which has completely sold out now. She styled it with Russel & Bromley long black boots and a black clutch.

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