It is almost Thanksgiving, my thoughts have been consumed with menus, crafts, gathering enough wood for the winter, baking, and fun things to do with my kids, grand baby, and husband. 

I like to do one of the holidays (Christmas and Thanksgiving) the traditional dinner and the other something different, so that we arent tired of turkey or ham. This year we are making stuffed cornish game hens with potaoes, gravy, rolls, salads, veggie tray, pies, ect. Christmas will be the traditional turkey and all the trimmings. We are also going to be making a lot of goodies to share with members of the family. I love this time of year, the kids are always so helpful and excited about the goody making times. I make different kinds of cookies and the kids ice the sugar cookies, I make different breads, pumpkin, zucinni, banana nut ect so that every goody plate has one loaf and some cookies we also make up different brownies, this year I am adding a popcorn wreath mixed with marshmellows and minature m &ms. I love seeing the kids faces when its time to make all the plates and deliver these to families. They are always so excited about going around to everyones homes.

It also teaches the kids that it is better to give than to be selfish and ask for gifts. They always get gifts, but they learn to give before receiving. 

I am waiting patiently for this year to be over and Spring to be here, we will be moving and getting a new start to the new year :) Happy Holidays to everyone feel free to share any recipes you may have, I always try new ways to make things. thanks for reading :)

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