Today's journal is going to go a little bit different than the last one. Now that my dd is doing what I ask and not yelling at anyone anymore, we have a different way of doing things. When she does do something that she isn't supposed to do we whisper. Yes, I said it, we whisper. Stops right in her tracks and listens to everything we say and she can even repeat it back to us when we ask her what we said. Its amazing.

Now both of my girls are getting along and there are no more fights to separate. I'm so happy. We have also decided to extend her bedtime to 9 instead of 8 because she is getting older. After I got her sister to bed last night, I went in her room and sang to her for a hour. She loves it when I sing to her and I love singing to her. It gives me such pride and inner satisfaction that I'm getting my bond with my daughter back. I love both of my girls so very much and I would do anything in this world and beyond for the both of them no matter what.

Not to mention that their father and I have gotten back in touch with one another. Nothing could be better than here and now. I do want to thank everyone who gave me advice on what to do and what might help. You have helped me more than you will ever know and for that I am eternally grateful. Oh yeah, my birthday is in a couple of weeks. I hear a date night coming Wish me luck ladies and thank you so very much again.

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