I woke up to it being 10 degrees outside.autumn texted me and she stayed home from work with amari.I told her not to bring her out in this weather.the wind is blowing .so my niece is out of the hospital she is using heroine.so is my stepdaughter.only my stepdaughter got caught using counterfiet money.so according to jessie we are going to get michael back.I keep telling everyday lets go get him but he procrastinates.he says he is waiting for his daughter to call and tell him what she did.I want to go for a walk.but here I am online.I went  out to walmart with my mom and a friend told me about a job.I should at least try and apply.Jessie went to visit my nephew last night came home and asked me if I want to move in with my sister..heck no she is my baby sister but she chose her husband who stole from our dad over our dad so no my dad has disowned her and I sure do not need my parents to disown me.we look at a duplex it needs new electric wiring done it needs the stairs widened and new windows and the basement stairs need redone.and jessie wants this place the guy put an ad in the paper free rent for a handy man to fix it up.ok how is he suppose to fix it up when he needs to get all the bills paid from the last place we were at..he even quit paying the rent because he said the landlord broke the lease when we moved in we had to fix the toilet the bathroom sink did not work I called the plumber but the plumber said the landlord had to call.we just moved out of that house that sink has been broke for 2 years .he was suppose to put a new roof on.he didn't .when it rained and the wind blew shingles were all over.the upstairs bathroom you couldn't use.there were bees lots of bees.and ants.you could not open any of the windows.the guy came with andy the landlord and this guy told him he had to fix the stairway make it wider and that he had to fix the bathroom upstairs and make sure all the sinks worked and he had to put ventilation in the bathroom either a window or a fan and he had to put in new windows ones that stay up if you open them..he don't want to put that kind of money into that house.my kids moved out because every month my husband has a bipolar day where he packs his things he is going to leave he wants a divorce and he don't care and he just gets all riled up.so I got to the point that if he wants to leave then go..we are at my parents house now.he is behaving.my dad calls him homer.he is on ssi and he had knee surgery 2012 and he has been working so ssi kept taking his money.now he is suppose to have surgery on his neck but he has not heard about it.he has days where he wants to go back to work.I wish..

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