I didn't even mention that last week while I was standing in line at the grocery store that I saw Bruce Jenner wearing a great red dress on the front of the Enquirer or another such reputable scandal rag.  It was clearly Bruce all dressed up stepping out of a car.  If a man wants to dress in women's clothing I say go for it but, in Bruce's case I only see total emasculation at the hands of the Queen of the Kardashians.

Here is the ultimate jock, husband of three and father of six who once he hits sixty decides that a matching purse and shoes is really what he wanted all along.  I can't really blame Kris totally for his behavior.  After all she was first married to a man who went to his grave without ever wearing a dress.  She and Bruce went through decades of marriage where he obviously was great husband and father who preferred sports and, liked tight fitting red dresses on a woman.  I blame it all on Kim's butt.

It has been with us for ten years now.  Some saw it first in the sex tape that made her famous as well as the rest of her family.  I admit I know more about the Kardashians than I care to.  When their reality show first started I only paid attention because Bruce was in it.  When I was a teenager there was a picture of him in many of our bedrooms.  I even went to see a bad movie just because he was in it.  I knew he had been married to a woman who had been with Elvis.  At the time the show premiered I had no idea of the connection with him and the guy who defended OJ.

When I started watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians it was kind of like watching the Brady Bunch.  A blended family who got along well together and had love and respect for each other.  The biggest difference was that one family liked to party, had more than one bathroom in their house, Mom and Dad were a bit more randy and Marcia, Jan and Cindy didn't have Kim's butt.

As much as we've tried to escape Kim's butt for the past decade we can't.  You can't turn on your television, scroll through your Facebook posts or stand in line at the grocery store without seeing something that is a result of Kim's butt.  Obviously it has entertained us as all this time later it still draws attention.

Just last week she did yet another magazine cover but, this time it showed off her biggest asset.  Pun intended.  The Twitter verse exploded that how dare a Mom do this?, blah, blah.  Fact is many a Mom has shown us way more than her butt for the sake of her career.  My thought is that if you've got it, flaunt it ensuring another ten years of attention before it starts to droop.

Some kind of comet hit something on the day that photos of Kim's butt were revealed.  On this particular day I caught parts of the Today Show, Entertainment Tonight, Fox News and MSNBC.  I still can't tell you the particulars of the comet as all these outlets devoted the day's stories to Kim's butt.

You've really got to hand it to her as because of her all her family members have become famous in their own ways.  It was reported today that her younger sister will become the face of Estee Lauder, no less.  She's provided employment for lots of people and whether we admit it or not, we all know who she is.  She's physically beautiful with an asset like no other.  Not even JLo.

Funny thing is that plastic surgeons are probably inundated with requests for Angelina's lips, Barbie's body and some other's nose.  I bet there aren't many who go in to request Kim's butt.  Most women wouldn't want to deal with that.  I know I wouldn't.  However, think of how magical it is.

All the women in her family have become mega stars in their own right.  Would they have come this far had it not been for Kim and her butt?  Think about the men who have fallen in its shadow.  There's Bruce and the rumors that he had his Adam's Apple shaved off.  Then there's brother Rob who is now an insecure, quite plumped up version of his former self.  Poor Scott is headed for liver disease before he turns 30. 

We first met Lamar Odom when he had a promising future in the NBA.  Now we are told he is a drug addicted psycho.  Kris Humphries will forever be known as the deer in the headlights guy, the one who was used and kicked to the side in a matter of days because he got caught up in Kim's butt.  Reggie Bush is probably feeling really good about now as he knows he escaped.

Bruce's sons seem to have their heads planted correctly on their shoulders as they continue to cash in on the Kim's butt gravy train.  Maybe as they look at what their Dad has become, will consider it a cue to run.  As for Kayne, I've never gotten how he achieved such superstardom.  I don't think he's particularly talented.  Overall I've always considered him quite a butt.  Maybe this is a match made in heaven.  The butt and the butt.

It will be interesting to see if he will be the one man caught in the Kardashian web who escapes with his sanity or thirty years from now we'll see him applying lipstick.  Time will tell on this one.  Judging from his wife's latest magazine cover he's totally on board for whatever ever way she chooses to get attention and make money.  I bet Bruce felt the same way ten years ago with his wife, the mother of Kim's butt.

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