The Federal Government has a legislative mandate to publish materials about its work and financial state on a regular basis. Beyond that, the government is required to provide identification documents to qualified citizens (i.e. passports) and to provide details of non-legislative legislature and executive branch activity (committee meetings, court proceedings.)

The GPO was founded in 1860 as a master printer for all the different components of the Federal Government. It was a resource and cash saving move that is still vital even in this digital age. With the advent of the Internet, it is now easier than ever to interface with the government through numerous agencies. Here is why the GPO website matters to businesses and private individuals.

Private Citizens

This website provides helpful links to publications put out by numerous government organizations. Through this site you are able to access everything from copies of passed laws to the forms needed to obtain a new passport. In short, this can save the average person several hours that would have been spent running around various agencies.

For instance, if a person wished to travel to Cuba then they will need to make sure they have authorization from the Treasury Department, a fully up to date passport, and are aware of any health warnings issued by the CDC or the State Department. The GPO website has links to all of the relevant publications.


Regulations are put out every day by any of the numerous agencies scattered throughout the country. Since these regulations are only rarely up for Congressional review, few see the light of day before they start impacting day to day operations for companies around the nation.

The GPO website publishes updated lists every day, allowing you to simply download all of the relevant documents at once and run a quick comparison check to see what changes have been made. This helps company's stay ahead of regulation, and out of the courtroom. Beyond that, there is the potential for greater business opportunities for those keeping a close eye on the government.

Private Market Interaction

Numerous private companies make a point of carefully following what is going on in the government, often using contacts within the GPO to receive new rules and regulations as they come in. This little bit of information has proven time and time again to be useful in anticipating future demand on the public-private market line, helping maximize profit.

Knowledge is vital to succeeding in the marketplace, and with a knowledgeable data mining company you will be fully informed every step of the way.

Even in the twenty-first century, being able to reach out to potential clients often requires the assistance of those with the appropriate information. US Data Corporation gathers that data, and provides it to its clients in a manner guaranteed to be correct and timely. 

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