Happy Friday!

So I have learned that you are not allowed to have a signature that gives information about what you do. That's considered an Ad. I am proud of my work from home job and the entire reason that I love my career at home is because I get to help people change their lives as I did when I found AmeriPlan. 

So as I learn how things work on this site I guess I will just journal my findings and share my thoughts. I have added myself to groups that allow ads but I can not find how I remove myself from groups that do not allow ads? I would not want to post in groups that I am not supposed to post in. So any direction as how I remove myself from those groups would be great! 

It is gard to believe that Thanksgiving is almost here! Winter is telling us that it is going to stick around this year! Usually we are wishing for a white Christams in southern Michigan but a white Thanksgiving is not something that is very common here! The weather says its going to warm up for a few days but then 50% chance of rain on Thursday!

This will be my first holiday with me working from home as a business owner. I am debating how I am going to work my business with the kids home from school. I usually work approximately 4 hours per day but I would really like to take some vacation time as my kids are my WHY I work from home and I need to enjoy them as they are growing up way too fast!

For now this will probably be the way that I commicate on this site to keep myself out of trouble! Any advise will be gladly taken!

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