Shawl in the winter is not the stuffiness and very current trend! Given the variety of Women Fashion Scarves, shawls and stoles, which can be used as a head covering, you can create beautiful images with them to top dress in different styles! In addition, Women Fashion Scarves for the winter can be an ideal option for those who constantly feel cold even in caps because it in a cloth made of natural material is very warm and you can completely cover your ears, neck and cheeks! How to tie a scarf in different ways, tells TheFashionScarves.Com.

How To Wear A Winter Scarf Small In Size?
In General, small headscarves are rarely sufficiently warm, they are most often made from artificial or natural silk is so traditionally they cannot be called winter.

However, they can be very useful during the thaw, or for those women who do not like to wear hats and caps-for example, moving the car. Using a small scarf can cover their ears from the rain or hide from his forehead bangs.

The Classic Way to Tie a Scarf-Like Bandana: Fold a handkerchief several times diagonally and bind around your head-you can do it on top of the hair (more informal, option) or tie the ends of hair under a headscarf (shawl will look like a bandage on your hair and cover your ears). Trendy option is to tie the ends of the front, slightly pushing the scarf-bandana back from your forehead. Bandana is good with any season, high beams or high ponytail at the back.

In General, the collapsed in tow of a thin scarf is the perfect accessory for your hair: you can wrap a bundle or the base of the high tail, using as hairbands, hair can be done with a paint roller on neck, and with long hair can try to tie a headscarf in the braid!

If you want to cover the top of the head, it is best to choose a way of tying the scarf ends back by folding a triangle. Women Fashion Scarves info.

How to tie a scarf in winter?
Scarf, shawl or almost square shawl is a very good accessory for winter! Wool shawls, cashmere or cashmere wool is warm in cold weather!
The warmest wayand the secret is how to tie a scarf in winter (the most traditional)-fold the triangle and throw down the ends forward. You can tie under the Chin, and you can wrap the ends of the scarf around the neck, again leaving them behind (half turn), or covered in front.

You can tie a scarf so big: throw down the ends of the back ends of roll bundles and wrap them around the head-turn out something like a "Crown". Option-spin from both ends of a single burn and make of it something like "beam" on the back of your head.

Scarf slides-how to fix?
Often there is a problem-the scarf in the winter from the wind or the movement begins to slip (this often happens with silk or viscose fabrics).

How to fix a scarf? Solution-pins: You can use the usual discreet English pins, having fastened them problem areas of the design.

In addition, you can pick up a beautiful brooch-brooch; you can chop off the headscarf instead of tying knots: the front under your chin and the back of the head. To the hair (best-on sideburns) shawl, you can attach the Invisibles.

Any Outerwear Suit Handkerchief:

Depending on the pattern and colors of the handkerchiefmeans, it can give the effective and ethnic flavor. For example; if it is a traditional wool shawl and hippie style or boohoo (ethnic textiles of various peoples, floral prints, etc.) or will add refinement and elegance (monophonic or with smooth transition of color, in noble colors and prints the Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Chanel, etc.).

Scarves fit to any coat-coats if no surround the collar, the ends of the scarf you can make out on topcoat.

In addition, it is a perfect combination with the coat, and worn or a leather jacket is a beautiful texture and interesting draping shawl wonderful complement the fur or skin.

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