1. Before assuming anything, check your symptoms
  2. Look at the brighter side of your life and obstacles you overcame
  3. Always write down your thoughts in a journal
  4. Seek advice from close friends and family
  5. Never down yourself because others don't know what you are going through daily
  6. Look for a hobby, on your downtime
  7. Always keep a smile on your face
  8. Be blessed for the life you created and that should keep you motivated
  9. If you find yourself in a dark place, listen to music
  10. Get out the house and spend your day with your child or children
  11. Never reflect on the past, always look forward to each day
  12. Recite quotes and read the bible
  13. Stay strong
  14. Keep yourself busy and live life to the fullest
  15. Think about your goals
  16. Remain calm
  17. Make sure you eat to restrain from getting sick
  18. Ask for help when you need someone to talk to
  19. Dance and yoga helps relieve depression, stress, etc
  20. Exercise and stay healthy
  21. Never think negative about things that are positive
  22. Never mope about others and what they are doing
  23. Live your life and stay away from drama
  24. Sing in the shower (LOL)
  25. Go for walks, or for a run


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