I think when any woman gives birth to a little girl she thinks about the day she will become the Mother of the Bride.  She hopes that her little Princess will find Prince Charming and they all will live happily ever after.  We all know it sometimes doesn't work out that way.

Our princesses may find another princess to spend her life with.  They may find love with someone from another race, culture, class or nationality that we are not comfortable with.  They may find love with a man older than our husbands or one younger than our grandsons.  They may never find love at all.  As long as they are happy, we are happy for them.

They may find love with someone who we know from the get go is a person who will never grow on us.  We know from day one that things are not going to be great so, we wait until our daughters come to their senses and we welcome them back with open arms.  Plenty of our daughters have chosen to marry convicts or otherwise quite evil people but, we shutter and hope they find the error of their ways, safely.

I've known all these Mom's.  The ones whose Princesses delivered that fairytale.  The ones who stepped out of their box to accept someone for their Princess totally different from what they had pictured when she was first held.  Again, if the Princess is happy, Mom is happy.  I've known the Mom's who worried about the safety and well-being of their Princess as a result of the Prince she picked.  I've known the Mom's who really wanted her to ditch Prince Loser.

I've never heard of a Mother of the Bride who has it as bad as Melissa Burton.  Her daughter Afton has just purchased a marriage license to marry Charles Manson.  In addition to the fact that he is the most notorious local criminal of our generation, the man is eighty years old.  I've never known a Mom who complained of either thing when her twenty-six year old daughter announced her engagement.

I saw an interview with Melissa tonight.  There was no mention of venue, foods or any other thing an upcoming Mother of the Bride should be asked about.  It was what do think of your Princess's choice of a Prince?  What could the poor woman say?  "We love Charlie and we know he'll make her happy", "Can't wait for Grandchildren" or say something bad about Afton's intended.  What can she say bad about her future son in law that we don't already know?

By all appearances Melissa is an attractive, forty eight year old woman who lives in the suburbs, goes to work and raised a Daughter who was a good kid.  She was four years old when her future Son-In-Law became the most despised person of her generation.  She probably lived in a home where there were TV and newspapers and even though she can't remember the exposure, she grew to know how horrible the Tate/Labianca murders were.  She probably can remember when one of Charlie's disciples attempted to off our President.

She's probably seen the news when it was reported that Charlie's parole had been denied again and her memory was refreshed about how bad this man is.  Now her Daughter is going to marry him and he's closer to the age of her Grandfather.  She did manage to defend her Daughter and say that she was drawn to him as a result of his interest in environmental issues.  I'm sure right now she wishes that she had picked Al Gore.  I think he's single, he knows more about the environment than any of the rest of us, he's old and not universally hated.

She also said that none of her family would be attending the wedding.  Corcoran State Prison in California is not an easy trip from Illinois.  I know Melissa must be thrilled to have this excuse not to go see her daughter marry into some kind of twisted history.  I hear that the future Mr. and Mrs. Manson are only allowed ten non inmate guests anyway.  Since Afton's family will be a no show and Manson's followers are incarcerated, I wonder who they will pick to share their special day?

There will not be a cocktail hour, sit down dinner and although the bride can wear a dress by Vera Wang, the groom will have to wear standard prison issued clothing.  Any food served will be from vending machines.  There will be no wedding night but the 26 year old and the 80 year old will be allowed to make out.

I'm am thankful for this restriction as I would hate to open my mailbox, retrieve my People to see exclusive photos of Charlie and Afton's new baby.  I'm afraid our world has become that bizarre.  I blame California for letting this farce happen.  They haven't chosen to legalize Pot but, giving a madman a chance at happiness seems like a fair thing to do.  Come on Golden State.

By putting their seal of approval on a marriage license they have slapped the Tate/Labianca families in the face one more time.  It's kind of like if Hitler hadn't committed suicide and was sentenced to rot in prison and more than forty years later he was allowed to marry a woman young enough to be his granddaughter.  My deepest sympathies go out to these families again, they didn't deserve to see Charlie smile.  I pray that I don't live to hear about a prison wedding of OJ and some crazy girl.

I'm not even sure is Melissa has another daughter.  I hope so as her chance at being the Mother of the Bride, getting all dolled up and, get involved in any kind of wedding process is dashed.  Should Afton become a widow, which she most likely will when she is in her thirties, there's no way another man will have the Bride of Charles Manson. 

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