You've had your newly-bought place renovated or your old home retouched with a few more serious refurbishments and that's just great. But there are a few more final touches that would make everything complete. We're talking about framed wall accessories, which will change the appearance of your place completely.

Why would you need a few of those?

Well, the answer is simple. They add more character to the premises and make it look more personalised. The best about these DIY decor ideas is he only purchases you have to make are a few frames (that is if you don't have any you can re-purpose) . The benefits of this do-it-yourself project will help you use leftover wallpapers, a pile of clam shells, a hot glue gun or patterned canvas. Instead of just throwing them away you can use them for something which will unleash your creativity and make you home prettier. It's not necessary to have a decade of experience behind your back to carry this task your own. The only thing you'll need are the right ideas and instructions. So, let's get started products list first.

1. A hot glue gun

You can use an alternative of hot glue depending on the materials you'd like to stick together. You can choose between spray, ordinary liquid glue, double-sided tape. When it comes to working clean, it's probably best to use a glue spray, as it is very often used for similar projects. Because of its nozzle the stickly substance which will hold the elements together will easily spread without leaving a muck.

2. A frame

The dimensions depend on what you'd like to display. You can use a classic-sized picture frames, thus creating 2 or three clam shell decorations instead one which will be too big. You can go to a DIY or a home decor store like IKEA and choose from different types of frames like collage or a more classic one. If you have a few at home, you can re-style and re-purpose them on your own.

3. Cut The Paper

You'd need scissors to cut the paper with, but if you don't have one at hand, you can choose a model knife. The only thing you'd have to be careful for when using it is not to cut your finger, as it's blade is very sharp. It's sometimes difficult to cut straight line and your hands can easily slip. To avoid this, you can place a rules next to the line you previously drew and cut.

4. Final Steps

Its dimensions have to match the size of the frame.

Remember the seashells we were talking about earlier? They'll be perfect for your bathroom interior. One thing you'd have to bear in mind is the background of the paper you'll be using. It's better if it's simpler, so the shells can stand out. If you don't have a clear idea on how to situate them on the scrapbook paper, just experiment with their positions. Once you're done, separate the glass from the frame, glue the paper piece you've cut, apply glue on the spots where you'll attach the sea shells and wait until it's dry. Once you've done this, your frames are ready to hang. If you think you won't manage to hang the framed DIY masterpice on your own, you can always take advantage of a guide on how to hang pictures . 

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