Last week Prince Harry was in Abu Dhabi on an official royal visit and on Thursday, November 20th, he took part in a polo match to raise money for children in Lesotho. The polo match was held at the Polo Club Ghantoot. Prince Harry was the captain of the winning team Sentebale Huntsman. The team St. Regis, led by the professional Argentinian very famous polo player Nacho Figueras, lost with only 1 point difference. Even though the two captains were opponents in the game, after the match they exchanged handshakes and smiled for the photographs taken after the match.

The Sentebale charity was founded in 2006 by the Prince of Lesotho, Seeiso, and Prince Harry after a visit made in 2004 to Abu Dhabi. During this visit, Prince Harry, who was 19-years-old at the time, worked under Prince Seeiso's guidance for two months. According to his own words, this visit back then left a huge impact on him.

The charity's main aim is to help children in need who are victims of Aids and extreme poverty. The name of the charity means ‘'forget-me-not'' in the national language Sesotho, which is spoken in Lesotho. The name is dedicated to the memory of the Princes' mothers who passed away.

The official Sentebale's websites reported that the event raised a lot of money, which will be used to support the children's access to care and education helping them lead one healthy life.

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