I use to be active on this site, then My children had took some turns and kept me so busy I couldn't even find time to be on this site as much.
Now my two older children are over 18 and I just have one that is going to be 12 years old. Also New addition is my 2yr old Grandson.
I have so much to learn of being a grandma! It's not the same role as a mother. I get confused sometimes.
Now that my two older children are grown they throw different curve balls and I seem to watch the news even more with anxiety of seeing wreaks and accidents not know where my children are as much now that they don't have to tell me where they are.

My youngest son at home is keeping me busy visiting the school because of his odd behaviour.
My youngest son knows he is weird and different but i tell him everyday its ok to be different!
It bothers him a lot but as he gets older he accepts it a little more.

I have changed my career also and I know am in the Publishing, Journalism and Photography! I opened a studio a year ago. I am becoming very successful in this field.

I also have a new Man in my life also. Feb will be two years of being with each other.
I love the relationship I have with him. Him and I had became friends first then had sexual relationship then decided to live together. I have never done that with any other man before.

I have completely stop driving. I haven't drove a car in over two years.
So I have a personal driver when my boyfriend isn't available to transport me.
With my job it entitles me to be available to be portable to go to different locations.

I still am a book lover! I read daily, Now the topics of my book reading has changed. I read more self help books and Photography books.
I love to read and learn how i can better myself and learn new things.
I feel that reading books is still much better than ebooks. I just love the smell of the books. Also I feel that a book in my hand is just more credible than an ebook.

I have moved into a condo from living in a house. I thought it was going to be more convenient. That was a mistake. I have found out that living in a house is just more convenient for my lifestyle. I miss living in a house!

The finale item that I need to throw out there is that More people that I know or is related too, is dying.
I really didn't think about this when I was younger but now the older I am getting so is everyone else. Some things I really never thought about is death. Now I am hearing weekly to monthly that someone has died. Yes it sucks! I hate death! I can say that the majority of the deaths are because of drugs. Sadly to say that people are choosing there deaths in that matter. If you do drugs you could die!
I dont do drugs and it just bothers me why you would choose to do a drug knowing there is a chance of you over dosing. I am glad that marijuana is becoming more acceptable in the nation, you don't ever hear of an overdose or a traffic accident because of marijuana! I am not saying you should smoke it, or do other drugs at all. I dont and thats because I have to much to lose! I am a Wine drinker tho. I love my Moscato!

Well I am going to bring this to an end, and I will be more active to this site thinking I will be able to help or guide others!

Stay tuned and Im glad to meet you and read your life stories!

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