irst and foremost next to the obvious thanks for GODs grace and mercy bestowed upon my life, his constant favor and unconditional love; I am thankful for my child. From the date my pregnancy was confirmed, I was thankful for him. I have always seen motherhood as the highest commission for a woman. Five star general! Notice I did not say it's what validates you, as validation can be a matter of perception or perspective. There are many women who can and do feel validation is reached in other areas; perhaps career, family as a whole, community involvement etc.  

I see the commission not just having a child, but succeeding as a mother. There's honor that comes along with the coveted title. There are responsibilities that come with being a mother present, amidst obstacles and is definitely an assignment of patience, love and sacrifice. It's ultimate selflessness. Loving Cornelius from the beginning has been the preface to why I am just as thankful today. Not just because he's my first born beauty for ashes, but because in early days the obstacles that were stacked against me told a much different story.

Some people worried that I would not make it to present day, while others actually hoped that I wouldn't. Considering the trials that I suffered behind my decision to have my child, unbelievers had a right to worry. I am thankful that no weapon that formed against me prospered. When I decided to have my child it was without the support of his father, and against the will of his father's mother. It was under the false pretense that I alone, "got myself pregnant on purpose, for some material benefit." The verbally painted portrait of who I was, was art forgery at its best! It was like smearing mud on a Jackson Pollack.

Long into the birth of my son, I would endure more and more slashing of my character. However, there was a blessing in each lesson. If it were not for such an impossible situation, GOD would not have had the opportunity to show out.

There were those times when the enemy tried to destroy my relationships with media comrades, press affiliates, public relation firms I worked closely with, as well as magazines and newspapers that I wrote and worked for. They tried to come against my professional license and designations by making false and deceptive reports, to compromise my livelihood. They tried to take away my life and means of living with gossip and even brought false witnesses against me. They even recruited cheerleaders of the church, taking advantage of their genuine ignorance and sincere interest to provide a support system; that the enemy used instead as a platform to perpetuate his lies. And then the most desperate attempt of the enemy, at wiping me out was fighting, wining and taking my son away. Although the enemy sees what he's achieved as a victory, I know it's not over until GOD says so. This is why I am thankful for the battles. They have made me stronger and made me appreciate the miracles.

That being said, I could have easily given up and this is precisely why I am thankful beyond comprehension! I am still standing, and loving my child unconditionally! The change brought upon my life is one that I am eternally grateful for! GOD gets all the glory and all the adoration! Ii still praise him! Although attempts to demote me came, I still hold my title as Cornelius mom and no one can replace me. I see all the miracles that have been performed in my life in High Definition. Today, I continue to be recognized in my profession and was recently rewarded with a ‘most influential mother' award as well as a top profession in my field. Doors continue to open as windows close. New chapters are writing themselves every day and my story has gained momentum. The enemy seems to be blinded, hence the many resets and continuances they request to modify their plan to destroy me. Meanwhile, I have been offered a platform by national organizations, magazines, sponsorships and accredited blog spots to share my story. Grateful those professionals saw right through the lies and continued to work with me.

On very thin margins, the depiction of me was left to the painter. However, the art (interpretation) can only be seen by the connosouire. To be a connosouir you have to be an expert judge in matters of taste. Only GOD can judge me.



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