Just days ago I wrote about how the Cosby Show was one of the classiest ever to be on television.  I have loved Bill Cosby since he was on I Spy.  I loved Fat Albert.  I ate Jello Pudding Pops and bought my Husband sweaters because I liked them so much on Bill.  I applauded him when he openly told young Black men to pull up their sagging pants.  I applauded his causes.

I admired his education, loved his comedic stance and the fact that he was in an until death do us part marriage to Camille even when I had to remind myself that Claire was not in fact his wife.  I felt for him when he lost a child way too young.  I had nothing but respect and admiration for Bill Cosby.  Of course when someone is famous there is someone out there trying to tarnish the image.  I swept such stories under the carpet as I felt the years ago women claimed of love children and other infidelities did it just to cash in.

Now I wondering if I've been fooled by him for decades. I'm still holding out hope that I haven't been but, it's not looking good.  The first two women who have made claims that he drugged and raped them appear to be normal women about my age whose claims appear to be valid.  I just wonder why after all these years why they've chosen to speak out.  I suppose there is some financial gain acquired by this. At my age you really don't want to drudge up your past for any other reason.

They claim they tried to have their voices heard years ago but, were silenced by Cosby's people. Why all of the sudden have his people given up?  I listened to these ladies and sadly believed what they were saying.  Then I saw Janice Dickinson sobbing on Entertainment Tonight.  She tossed out the F bomb numerous times while a shocked Nancy O'Dell and Kevin Frazier looked on.

She did all this because she too claimed Cosby drugged and raped her.  Janice for those who are not familiar is a former supermodel.  After she turned forty she's made a career of doing semi-outrageous things in front of television cameras.  She's shared her time at rehab with a viewing audience, she's made claims of abuse, rape or, whatever she could to bring attention to herself. 

She's even shared with whoever would tune in graphic details of her recent plastic surgeries.  I find it hard to believe that she's never in all these years failed to mention her story about Bill.  When I saw her exhibition on ET I felt better.  Maybe these other two ladies were trying to get attention as well.

Now as more stepped forward including the wife of the Incredible Hulk who was also a Playboy Bunny, I am certain old Bill was quite a player when he was a young man even though he was married.  I don't condone any thing he is accused of doing but, if you are a young starlet as all these women were all those years ago, you might be flattered to have the attention of such a famous man and allow yourself to be in a situation where you might not be sure what's going to happen.

Most of these accusations happened over forty years ago.  There was a woman who had the courage to go on the Today Show over a decade ago and tell her story about Bill.  I saw the interview today, Matt Lauer's face during the interview is what we were all thinking about this woman.  Gold-digger.  Bill Cosby would never do anything like that.

Now as all these women step up, people are believing them.  I have no choice but to do the same.  I still don't believe Janice.  Networks believe them too as NBC has dropped what could have been a ratings bonanza for them a show where Cos plays Grandpa.  TV Land will no longer run episodes of The Cosby Show.  Think of all the money that will be lost for NBC, and the Cosby kids and Claire who will no longer get royalty checks from TV Land.

I just can't figure out why now?  Bill Cosby is 77 years old, he did some very bad things but he did some amazing things as well.  When he is googled twenty years from now the first thing that will come up are the allegations of rape that surfaced at the end of his life.  Like great coach Joe Paterno who looked the other way when child molestation was going on, Cosby will be remembered mostly for the horrible things he did.

I have to wonder why these women took decades to tell their stories.  Did the Cosby damage control people just back down?  I am sickened that my hero has done what I have to believe now.  I think why now?" as the man approaches the end of his life and will leave it in well-deserved shame.  If he had died at 75 would he have gone down in history as the ultimate father, humanitarian and comic.  The allegations would have probably come out but, most of us don't speak badly of the dead, so they would have been put to bed quickly.

It just goes to show that "What Goes Around, Comes Around" when you do really bad things.  I still hold out hope that you are innocent until proven guilty.

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