I have just completed my six week course in Photography Fundamentals.  Had it been one for a college credit, I wouldn't have one.  I was the child left behind.  I have no choice but to take the course again.  In fairness to myself there are a myriad of reasons why I failed.

First, is that I went in thinking my camera was adequate for what I was about to learn.  On the first night I learned it wasn't.  I got a new camera based on a review from Ken Rockwell who is the guru of camera reviews.  My new camera was recommended for its affordability and the fact it is the smallest and easiest to use in achieving professional shots.

Problem with this was I still had not learned to operate entirely the inferior point and shoot I already had.  My new one was delivered before class three.  Needless to say it and its components baffled me and, I was just happy that I knew how to put the lens on and the battery in.  Up until this point the classes were about the creative side of taking pictures.

I saw the works of some of the photography greats.  I learned that as in interior design you work in the concept of threes.  Design tells you that two matching planters on your front porch need that third element.  Good photography tells you that your picture should not have two elements such as a person with white background.  By class two I thought "I know all this, just teach me how to work my camera".

Apparently that it is what the complicated manual written in three different languages is for as everyone in my class knew of apertures, IOS, pixels and F Stops before they got there.  The instructor would give us an assignment for the next week composed of what we had learned in the aperture mode or the others so unfamiliar to me as if the instructions in the manual were written in Spanish.

I had a great idea for a picture but, had no idea what all the buttons on my camera did.  I considered just taking one with my point and shoot and dazzling my instructor with my creativity.  I thought maybe she wouldn't notice that I didn't take it in aperture mode.  Then I read that this mode consisted of a vibrant foreground and a blurred background.  No way was I going to pull this one off.

So I didn't get my certificate, she didn't do that thank goodness.  Image my embarrassment if she handed them out and I was the only one who didn't get one.  All because I can't seem to figure out my new camera.  I did what I usually do in a situation like this, I headed for Barnes and Noble to find a Dummies book.  There was one specifically devoted to my camera.  I didn't think that was a good sign as was my camera so difficult to use that a Dummies book had to be written about it?

I purchased it, took it home and started reading.  I have read a book in a matter of days but, as I started reading the introduction to this one I knew it would take weeks to get through this.  The first couple of chapters are devoted to mostly what I already know.  Batteries, where the buttons are and, how to download your shots to the computer.  It goes briefly into explaining what makes a good shot.  I know that too.

What I don't know is what all those buttons do.  As I started reading about each one it would tease me with brief instructions and refer me to chapter 6,7 or 8 clearly in the section called If You Want to Take Professional Photos. That would be great but, right now I just need a decent one. A month later my best pictures still come from my phone and my Sony Cyber-shot.

I guess I'm going to have to step out of my comfort zone and try to read a manual.  I could continue to push buttons randomly, get a great picture and remember how I got it.  That's usually what I do.  However, I'm going to push my boundaries and do everything it takes to learn to operate my camera.

I will repeat my course at the community college and coming up soon I will take a class at the place where my three year old Granddaughter takes art lessons.  It is called an adult photography class.  Considering it will be held at a place that mostly caters to children, I am confident that this might be my breakthrough.  Maybe it will be my true Photography 101.

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