Pregnancy is an exciting & life changing stance for the would-be moms. There is the thrill of a life growing inside you, the joyous prelude to welcoming new bundle of joy in your world and then there is the back pain. Back pain usually starts during the second trimester of pregnancy given several factors such as extra weight gain, posture change, hormonal changes, muscle separation and of course stress. Most of the pregnant ladies are working women today and long hours before the digital screen escalates the pain further. However, don't worry as the article below offers expert tips to ease the pain for would-be moms so that you can enjoy your pregnancy even more.

1.      Exercises are important

You have to take up exercises religiously during pregnancy as these help to strengthen muscle & boosts flexibility which in turn greatly helps in reducing back pain. Safest of all exercises and most practical as well, is swimming. In case, you are not much into the waters, a daily 20 minutes walk across your local park in the morning or evening would do. Stationery cycling is also suggested by the doctors to ease the back pain.

2.      Therapeutic cushion for back support

As mentioned earlier, most of the pregnant women and working today that make them sit for hours before the computer which further accelerates the back pain. In such a situation, it would be smarter to invest in a therapeutic back support cushion which works to eliminate the back pain- keeping the ears, shoulders & pelvis in perfect alignment whilst maintaining desired inward curve of lower spine. The best of these cushions are crafted from 100 percent Therapeutic Grade Memory Foam. You can place the cushion behind your back on your executive chair and also let it support you as go through your favorite story while leaning against the wall on your bed. The cushion has this ability to mould & caress itself as per the user's distinct body shape.

3.      Heat & cold compress

This is another popular tip when it comes to relief from back pain during pregnancy. You can start with cold compress where you can apply the ice bag to the aching areas for 20 minutes 3-4 times a day. After 3 days, you can take to heating pad and follow the same process. But be careful, do not apply heat on abdomen.

4.      Take care of posture

You must know that slouching strains the spine, leading to further back pain. Thus, you have to be careful about posture while sitting, sleeping or working. For example, while sleeping, sleep on the side with pillow between knees. While working at desk, use the support cushion mentioned above. Support belts would also be handy here.


5.      Maintain these dos & don'ts

·         Do not bend over while picking something

·         If you have to pick up anything from ground, graduate into a squat position & then pick

·         No high-heels during pregnancy

·         Never sleep on back while you are pregnant


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