Quitting smoking is something that plagues many women with multiple attempts without success. There are numerous benefits from saving between $1,500 and $3,800 a year, longer lifespans, getting rid of that stale smoke smell and regaining an amazing sense of taste and smell. The tough thing about quitting smoking is that it only takes a few cigarettes here or there to fall back into a pack a day smoker. Smoking is like any other addiction in the respect that most people have a “relapse” back into smoking and women have a tougher time quitting. Here are 5 steps that we need to consider in order to maximize our success rate and quit smoking for good.

Find a Reason To Quit

People are motivated to quit smoking for a large variety of reasons. Some of these reasons could be superficial as many people of the same and opposite sex find smoking to be extremely unattractive. Others could hit a little closer to home with health issues that have already arisen due to long term smoking. A great thing to do is to compile the reasons that you want to quit in a large list. On one side you should have the reasons and the other just have “I want to smoke”. Looking at this daily can allow you to see what smoking will have you miss out on if you continue. 

Start Cutting Back 

Some studies show that 90% of people that quit cold turkey relapse within 6 months. To ease the physical withdrawal symptoms, quitters (which is a good thing) used to have only the options of nicotine gum or patches. While these are still available there are plenty of other options to start cutting down on your nicotine intake. For instance, vaporizer pens are an example of a tool you can use to start cutting down on your nicotine and avoiding the physical and mental impacts of quitting. “Going cold turkey”to quit increases your chance of picking up the habit again. Wein your way down on the nicotine levels until you need nearly no nicotine, Then toss the vape pens and quit completely. Dana E. Shoched, the CEO of O2VAPE, says she turned quitting a bad habit into a business helping others quit as a vape pen wholesaler. She tells us that, “Going cold turkey just wasn’t working for me but with the use of the vape pens I cut back on my nicotine intake until I finally kicked my smoking habit for good. Something that my loved ones and doctor are thankful for.”

Set a Quit Date

This could not be more important as there are certain times during the year where quitting smoking is more difficult. The holidays are one of these as many people routinely smoke with old friends or family members even if one or both of them has cut back or quit. The fact that the holidays are not exactly a time that people exercise self-control makes this a tough time to quit. Picking a time of the year where you will be stressed the least with work or family is perfect. This allows you to concentrate on improving yourself and quitting smoking rather than stressing out about other things. 

Recognize Triggers

The hardest part of quitting smoking for many people is quitting after they have had a couple of drinks. There are plenty of people who only “smoke when they drink” but this can be a slippery slope for someone who used to be a chronic smoker. The holidays as mentioned above can be a hard time to keep from smoking. The stress that family and the holidays bring might warrant a few pieces of nicotine gum or puffs from an E-cigarette. Alternatively, being conscious of these situations enough to know that you can get through them with just a few deep breaths of fresh air can put you back on the right road to quitting. Triggers are important to recognize as these can lead to relapses. Avoid these triggers during points where you feel like you need a cigarette after a long day. There are even studies on how the menstrual cycle can actually impact quitting smoking for us, so be aware of that when you are starting to quit and set a strategic start date.

Use Family and Friends As Support

Enlisting a support team to quit smoking will be easier than you thought. Children are great for holding a parent accountable of a bad habit so take advantage of this for once. A spouse or friends should also be supportive and can help you stay motivated. They also know that cigarettes are bad for the health, there is no debating that. Even if they are smokers, realize that you will be leading by example and can act as supportive inspiration for them in the future. There are support lines that you can call to help quit but if you have support under your own roof then you should use that route as well.

Quitting smoking is going to be a process and it might take multiple attempts. Do not get discouraged as this change can make a huge difference in your health as well as quality of life. Take these five steps today, you can change your life for the better!

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