christmas treeSensory activities are the good course of action for the Preschool kids and Kindergartens. On this Christmas season, we have come with 9 Fizzy Christmas activities for the toddlers. This is a good pastime activity for the children to enjoy the holiday season with Christmas theme activities. Here are the interesting fizzy activities please look at down here under.

Fizzing Christmas Tree

Inspire the children to do a fizzing activity with this learning session of fizzing Christmas tree. This can be done through home ingredients and it is easy to make.

For this, you need 1 box of baking soda, green cornstarch or Buy Paint Powder, 1 to 2 cups of vinegar, red food color and baking sheet. First of all take one bowl and mix baking soda and spoon of green color. Add this mixed flour on the baking sheet and shape a tree. To create a fizz, take vinegar in one bowl and add few drops of red color. Use the dropper to shower the vinegar water on the Christmas tree. The fizz bubbles come out and your children would love squirting the tree.

 The fizz opens and develops in the baking sheet but still the color of Christmas tree doesn't change.

Fizzing Candy Canes 

For fizzing candy canes, you will require food coloring, 1 bottle of vinegar, candy canes, tray, and spoon or dropper. Take a baking sheet and put baking soda in it. Smoothly press the candy canes on the top. Make the same mixture as we followed before. Add food coloring and vinegar in one bowl. Use the dropper or spoon to add a magic to the baking soda tray. Let the child drop vinegar and see the fizz floating candy canes. It is a nice colorful activity to learn the lessons of color for kids.

Fizzy Ice Stars

This fizzy ice star is also a part of science activity. Here we will use the same ingredients as above mentioned but the change is we will use star ice cubes instead of candy canes.

This is a similar but small difference in this fizz action. Take one bowl and add one cup of water mixed with ½ cup of baking soda. Now add few drops of food coloring and mix it well. Just pour this baking soda liquid into ice cubes tray and put it in the freezer to freeze properly. Time is to set the frozen ice cubes on the baking tray and tell your child to add sprinkle drops of vinegar. The magic began here. The fizz comes out from the star cubes.

Fizzy Heart Activity

For fizzing hearts, you will need baking soda, water, food coloring and 1 bottle of vinegar. First, start mixes up ½ cup of baking soda into 4 tbsp soda and stirs it well in the bowl. You can also use different types of food color like red, yellow and blue to mix in this baking soda mix. Crumble it and make the dough like consistency.  In the next stage take a heart shape cookie cutters and shape up your baking soda dough into this cookies mould and freeze it for 30 minutes. Now take all these colorful hearts in the baking tray and drop vinegar on it. It will appear lots of fizzy with lots of colors. Mixed color fizz is really looking lovely while making different color bubbles together.

Fizzing Gutter Activity

Another fizzy Christmas idea is waiting for you. For this lovely activity, you will need rain gutter, 3 boxes of baking soda, 2-liter vinegar, food coloring, and droppers or squeeze bottles. This is a very simple act. Just add soda into the gutter and pour vinegar added food coloring into squeeze bottles. You can also prepare ice cubes as we mentioned further for good experience. Start squeezing the vinegar water in the gutter. The bubble, the fizz all is here to motor the skills of your child.

Fizzing Snowman Melting

Melting snowman activity is a good act for celebrating Christmas holidays. Here snowman is baking soda and melting part is vinegar. Just add few drops of water to make a dough of baking soda. Make a proper shape of snowman using baking soda dough. Take the vinegar bottle and now squeeze the vinegar liquid on the snowman. It looks really magical when snowman is melting and become fizzy. This delighting Christmas activity is eco-friendly and a good course of action to motor the skill of child.

Fizzy Christmas Lights Activity

This light activity is launched to lighten the mind of children. Please follow the step by step method.

Add 2 tbsp of baking soda and 5tbsp of water to make the paint like consistency. Take five containers and mix the citric acid in each food coloring containers. Add around 6 tbsp of water and make the citric acid solution paint color.

Cut out light shape white paper and first apply the baking soda solution on it. For the perfect fizzy look use pipettes or dropper.  Gently apply the citric acid solution on the baking soda solution. You can see fizz will rise up immediately once you drop the citric acid on it. You can do experiment with other colors too.

Fizzing Christmas Painting

Expressive and artistic Christmas painting fizzy learning session comes here. Enhance the curiosity of children through fizzy painting. Get the paint brushes, a cup of vinegar and plastic pipette and Christmas cutout tree.

First of all mix 3 tbsp of baking soda with 1tbsp of paint. If you are drawing Christmas tree, green food color is a good choice. Start painting the Christmas shape with fizzy paint. Drop vinegar on this fizzy paint, once you done with it. Bubbles will start appearing immediately on the tree. Fizzy painting is ready to wonder the child.

Fizzing Christmas Sensory Play

For fizzing sensory play, you will require white vinegar, baking soda, water, condiment squirt bottles, rocks and glass gems, letter As and imaginext Astronauts & aliens. Let's begin with creating a fizzy Alien planet. First use rocks with letter As and alien creatures. Create the Alien Planet using a layer of baking soda, rocks, and large gems. Lime green color vinegar is suitable to see the green fizzy Alien planet. Now squirt the colored vinegar on the Alien Planet and tell your children to find the letter As and hidden Aliens. The fizzy planet is here to combine some learning with sensory play.

So here is the unusual and remarkable Sensory Play for Kids to enjoy the holiday session with fizzy activities. All these activities are easy and any children can follow it. Just look after to the smallest nursery kids because vinegar contains citric acid. See to it that your kid's soft tissues do not react if they play with this. If it avoids this activity.



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