The only reason I keep attending parties is that I'm always looking for new and exciting experiences. So in the process, I've ended up attending all sorts of parties.

From all the parties I've attended, I'd say that the ones held outdoor have brought the most fun. The reason is not far-fetched: you're not confined by the walls, so you can let loose and enjoy much freedom, you can customize the available space to your taste, and you can also enjoy the weather and natural scenery. To me, that's cool.

If you're looking to host an outdoor event and make it truly memorable, here are few ideas that could be of help.

Make a solid plan 

The level of success (or otherwise) of your party depends on the amount of effort that goes into its planning. Don't say "I've been hosting this kind of party for many years, so there's nothing special." It doesn't matter if it's a small party; you still need to make it great.

Start by creating an imagery of the party, then jot down the ideas that come to your mind. If you're short of ideas, you can get some inspiration from social media platforms like Pinterest.

Essentially, you need to pick a theme for your party, choose a date, make a list of invitees, decide on the venue, make a checklist of required items, plan the menu, and most importantly, have a budget.

Choose a suitable venue 

It's very rare to have a memorable party in an awkward venue. Your choice of venue typically dictates the tune of your party in most cases. At times, you might not be able to choose a venue until you have an idea of the number of expected guests. All these go into the planning.

You must realize that hosting a party in an outdoor location has its own peculiarities. If you're using a garden where the trees provide shades, then you might not bother using tents. However, if you're using an open space without any form of shade, you should consider using an outdoor umbrella. But this depends on the overall size of the party.

Also, you should consider buying some premium outdoor furniture that fit the umbrella size. The higher price is worth it in the long run, because the higher quality materials ensure that the chairs, sofas and tables are weather-resistant and last a long time. So, you can host outdoor parties for years without having to replace it. 

An ideal outdoor venue must be spacious, free from obstruction, well-kempt, and must have adequate lighting. Not to forget, essential facilities such as rest rooms must be present.

Put some safety measures in place

It's always good to plan for eventualities. Sure, it's a party and everyone has come to have some fun. But you never can tell when things would get out of hand. A fight might break out, someone could be drunk and start acting funny, or there could be a stampede.

It's quite necessary to let the attendees know about the existing party rules if there are any. If you're hosting your party at an event center, you need to ensure that the facilities are used with utmost care.

Again, it might interest you to know that poolside parties are vulnerable to accidents. You have to be extra cautious when kids are attending such parties. Apart from hiring a lifeguard to man the pools, you should disallow alcohol at the pool area, and use safety pool lines.


If you've ever attended a well-planned outdoor party before, you'd agree that although it could be costly to organize, every dime spent on an outdoor party is worth it.

No party can be memorable without the memories being recorded. Therefore, you should take lots of pictures and make video recordings. This way, the memories will linger for long.

Another fun thing to do is to share souvenirs. This could be kid toys or thank you notes. This ensures that everyone leaves with a piece of the party.

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