Picture this: You are sitting with your dearest friends, chatting away to glory, and all your kids are rejoicing a dip in your newly renovated swimming pool. Suddenly, next to you, a young 7-year-old boy starts playing loud music on his phone. Loud to the level that it was annoyingly loud. And to make the matters worse, instead of asking him to lower down the volume, his mother went oblivious to everything and started cheering for his son. Upon asking the boy, if the boy could turn down the volume or have his headphones plugged in, his mother reacted rather violently in a more aggressively huffed and puffed manner, exclaiming, "Next time you can ask ME instead!".

As flabbergasted as I was, this incident got me thinking if it is really unacceptable for other parents to listen to even the most innocuous criticism of their children's behaviour. As adults, do we have no right left to even educate or even impart some worldly wisdom on children who are indulging in unpleasant behaviour?

According to me, here are 4 ways in which you can discipline another parent's child without creating a huge scene out of it:

1. Clue in the parents later, in a much more relaxed conversation time, to enlighten them about their kid's behaviour: This is especially a good thing to do when the parents haven't accompanied their child to a birthday party, a park visit or a movie visit. In the lieu if children to not act like hellions, if reprimanding the child's behaviour isn't working, then contacting their parents later in a more courteous manned and making them understand about the whole situation is a better idea.

2. Always take physical disciple out of the table when handling children: Irrespective of the fact whether they are your children or your neighbours', regardless of the circumstance, never ever use physical discipline. Stick to stern talking, time-out or leading by example, unless and until the child is about to harm themselves or others.

3. Accept the fact that what you consider unacceptable behaviour, might be totally acceptable in other kid's house: Let us admit: no two parents are equal when it comes to raising and disciplining their child. Even though the ten commandments body and its rules apply to all of us, one has to understand that no two set of values are right or wrong. Everybody has their own perspective, thinking and outlook towards leading a good life. In fact, having the third party intervene, perhaps a coach, flight attendee or life guard, is a better idea as they can be more tactful in dealing with an unruly situation.

4. Reaerate the rules and offer a reward wherever necessary: Putting someone else's kid on time-out or sending them to their home isn't how it should be done! In fact, you should tell them that politely that at your house we take turns of that swing or may be when you all are done cleaning up, everybody gets their choice of fruit and a cookie to go with it. Always save time-outs for the worst of egregious behaviours and be upfront in saying," We are all having a bad day today, but together we all will cope with it!"

Like every parenting stage, handling and managing another child's behaviour requires oodles of judgment. And yes remember, sooner than later that obnoxious kid is going to be an adult who will setting examples for another generation. Be diplomatic and always stick to the idea of going for stress-free parenting.

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