One of the most difficult tasks that every woman has to face in the morning is hairstyling. How should you make your hair today? That's the question you end up asking because you don't want to repeat the same style over and over again. Obviously, you want to try out something different, but this requires a lot of time and effort. Luckily, there are some quick and easy women's hairstyles that everyone can try out whether they are going out for dinner, shopping or even for work.

Try out the following and you will definitely be pleased with the results:

Ballerina Bun

One of the hottest hairstyles of the season are buns. You can keep them simple when you are going to the beach or dress them up when you have to attend a red carpet event or something similar. The best part is that you can easily make a bun in a matter of minutes. One of the incredibly simple buns that can work almost anywhere is the ballerina bun. You first need to pull your hair back in a ponytail so there are no bumps and then twist it into a bun. Your work is done. You can also choose to make it a topknot by switching it up and leaving your hair lose.

Elegant Chignon

If you are looking for something classier for a date night or an office party, then a simple and elegant chignon is the way to go. Furthermore, it is also extremely easy to make as you only have to make a bun and add a few wraps of hair and your work is done. It is immensely gorgeous and something even hair beginners can make without any difficulty.

Side Braid

Another popular trend is women's hairstyles is braids. There are two reasons why a side braid is an excellent choice for a hairstyle; first, it's a braid and such a feminine do is always good. Secondly, it can provide your hair with lots and lots of volume, which is what every woman wants.

Braid Ponytail

Ponytails are every woman's go to hairstyle when they don't have any ideas, but why go with the typical ponytail when you can give it an extra oomph? An expert in both women's and men's hairstyles from says, "When you are going someplace a bit fancier than the gym, you want to have something fancy and the braid ponytail is right up your alley. There is only one single and simple braid leading back to the ponytail". Sure, it doesn't seem as if it can make much of a difference, but the braid has a ton of detail and femininity and is going to look great when you combine it with a ponytail. You can add some waves or curls to your ponytail as well.


When you are after a hairdo that can offer you some serious volume, you can always turn to the 70s for some inspiration. One of the old hairstyles that have made a wicked comeback is the beehive, which is something you should try out as well. Essentially, you pile up your hair in a conical shape on the top of your head, but it should be pointing backwards thereby resembling a traditional beehive.

Bubble Ponytail

Women who are more comfortable in a ponytail can spice it up a bit. You can make a simple ponytail, but give it the bubble effect by placing a lot of hair ties in between. As far as the front is concerned, you can pull your hair out and backcomb it a bit for a bouffant. This style is fuss-free and ideal for summer events or a concert when elegance is your priority.

Half up and Half down

Why go only one way when you can combine two? This hairstyle is fast to make and equally perfect for simple and glamorous events. First you have the half up-do, which involves teasing the hair at the crown and securing them with a pin at the back of your head. The rest you can leave down and add some waves to it if you have straight hair as this will give you some great volume.

You can use any of these women's hairstyles and be ready for any kind of event or occasion.             

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