Did you know that collagen is one of the most important substances in your skin? Yes it is, however as you age you age you produce much less collagen than you did when you were younger and that is the reason you will see the signs of aging showing up on your skin such as lines, wrinkles and age spots. In order to keep your skin looking youthful it is important to keep increasing collagen as you get older.

Many of the skin firming techniques require you to add collagen to your skin topically using collagen creams or lotions, however research has shown that when applied topically collagen cannot be absorbed into the skin due to the size of its molecules. Therefore it does not give you the result you are looking for.

It can be very disappointing using skin care products month after month and not see any positive result. There are times when you feel like just giving up but you don't because you want to look and feel better about yourself without considering expensive and risky cosmetic procedures.

Other reasons why some skin care products do not work are they contain harsh chemical substances which could be making your skin even worse. After doing a lot of research into the ingredients used in most skin care products on the market I was really surprised to see that many cosmetic companies use ingredients that should never be used on the skin. Most of these ingredients certainly do not help increase collagen. You will never get the result you are looking for using products that contain synthetic chemicals as ingredients.

To achieve younger, beautiful skin you should be able to naturally increase collagen in your skin. Collagen is responsible for keeping the skin firm and toned due to its ability to keep the skin's structural fibers glued together and preventing gravity from pulling down your skin prematurely. However collagen cannot be increased with using topical collagen skin care products. Topically applied collagen cannot be absorbed into the skin due to the size of the molecules which makes it up. However you can find skin care products that are able to naturally increase collagen in your skin due to its capability to be absorbed into the skin and giving it the ability to boost collagen as well as elastin from the inside.

Increase collagen is not a scientific mystery any longer as there are cosmetic companies who have taken the initiative and are manufacturing skin care products using ingredients with the capability of increasing collagen and making your skin even more beautiful than before. One particular ingredient which has been researched and has proven to build collagen in the skin naturally over time is known as Xtend TK. Do some research and learn about the importance of natural collagen and how it works to improve the appearance of the skin if used continuously.

Here is what you need to do next. Find skin care products that contain the right ingredients that will help boost your natural supply of collagen and elastin. You will not find that magical fountain of youth; however you can gently turn back the clock by learning to increase collagen [http://healthy-body-and-skin.com] naturally!

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