Pumpkin soup is a recipe that has many variations. While most people think of classic pumpkin varieties only, there are many other ways to make a soup out of pumpkin. One of the easiest pumpkin recipes to make is a honey roasted pumpkin treat. The ingredients are drizzled with honey before roasting and then it is made into soup.

Another easy to make variation is pumpkin and cheese soup. You can use canned pumpkin puree to make this pumpkin recipe extra simple. Put some cream, broth, brown sugar, spices and grated cheddar cheese. Serve with from French bread or top the soup with a crust of melted cheese to have a tasty treat on a cold day.

1. Sweet Varieties with Pumpkin

Instead, you may want something a bit sweet. Add a little Marsala wine, some real maple syrup and you'll have an incredibly flavorful bowl of soup. Ensure that you always use real maple syrup for this recipe... the imitation syrups will not hold up during cooking to create the flavor you desire.

Pumpkin flavor can be changed according to the cuisines. You can make Haitian, Mexican, Thai or even Jamaican pumpkin soup. Each of these soups has pumpkin, yet the spices of the hosting cuisine prevail, adding a brand new touch to them all.

2. It Also Comes in Exotic Flavors

If you want to get more exotic flavor, try the pumpkin ginger soup. Ginger will give this creamy soup Asian flavor and a bit of heat. If you like your soup hotter then you can add some chilies as well. Garnish the soup with a small chopped cilantro and pumpkin seeds. If you want a whiter soup, try using white pumpkin. This dish isn't your average pumpkin soup! Serve it alon or as an appetizer for an Asian themed meal.

Try adding some specialty ingredients to change your soup. Shrimp adds a nice seafood flavor to the soup, while chocolate can create an unusual dessert treat. Make your soup spicy or mild. Peppers will add some kick to your soup if you like it hot. Use chipotle if you want a milder heat. Peanut butter can be combined with pumpkin soup to make an unusual flavor. Add bacon or sausage to bring it all together. This fast pumpkin soup recipe can be done at the last minute.

Ingredients you traditionally associate with fall like apples are often added to pumpkin soup. You can use other winter squashes like butternut or acorn in your soup. Even sweet potatoes will add a new twist, adding their own sweetness and texture. Do not be afraid to use herbs to create different flavor blends in your soup. In the hot days of summer, try a chilled pumpkin soup that will help your guests cool down admirably. Read more here...

No matter what variation of pumpkin soup you want to try, you will be treated to a rich, flavorful meal that will fill you up. The creamy texture of the soup is satisfying and velvety. It may become a new favorite. If you do not have a lot of time, you can always make your soup in a crockpot and let it cook all day long.

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