All of us have fitness goals that we strive for throughout our life. Our daily choices and minor negative habits can hinder our progress towards our ideal physique. Therefore it’s essential to develop habits that will potentially benefit our goals. We have listed down 6 habits that are common amongst female athletes or generally fit women.

Breakfast is Essential

Being a fitness girl, it’s important to never skip the most essential meal of the day. Breakfast helps enhance metabolism and provides the necessary fuel to perform daily tasks. Skipping breakfast should never be an option. Healthy girls tend to eat nutritious meals rather than sugary delicacies.

Protein and Healthy Fats in Diet

Fit girls don’t starve themselves to death by eating less. They’ll eat when they feel hungry and will have snacks enriched in essential nutrients and minerals. They would breakdown their meals throughout the day and snack on healthy foods enriched in protein and healthy fats. They aren’t afraid of eating but would have appropriate portions of quality food.

Sleep is a priority  

Sleep deprivation can lead to crankiness which leads to bad lifestyle choices and regrets. Healthy women understand the importance of decent night sleep and wouldn’t compromise on it. Unregulated sleep cycles result in bad food choices such as sugary treats or salty chips. Sleep helps the body restore to its original self by relieving it off stress and recharging it.

Avoid Drinking Calories

Healthy girls would limit their caffeine intake and would replace it with water. They would use lemon, green tea, coconut and other alternatives with water to compliment it. Avoiding drinking calories is crucial as most women tend to drink majority of their calories without even realizing it.

Eating Treats without Guilt

Women that feel guilty if they eat a single brownie tend to have less control over their lifestyle choices and are prone to deviate more often. Fit women understand the importance of treating themselves and would do so occasionally without indulging themselves in it too much.

Burning calories through creativity

Taking out time for gym everyday can be quite difficult especially with kids and a job. Therefore fit girls would turn their daily tasks into potential calorie burning workouts. In this manner, they perform the daily chores whilst working towards their fitness goals.

It’s important that you don’t try to opt all positive habits at once as it will wear you out and you will eventually give up. Therefore start small and work your way up to a healthier lifestyle.

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