Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to have a background in porn or a working knowledge of the top 50 sex positions to be good in bed. Yes, you want to please your man and there are quite realistic and simple ways you can do that without having to bend your body into weird positions or do the things you see in porn videos. Listed below are some great sex tips for women that can help you in honing your skills that will blow your partner's mind and be a source of pleasure for both:

Don't be judgmental

Whether you are sharing your own fantasy or listening to one of your partner's, it is essential that you stay open to different turn-ons and desires. You need to put your judgment aside and remain open-minded and who knows? You may actually end up finding some interesting and fun stuff you guys can do.

Try and be innovative

It is crucial for you to be creative and come up with new ways to spice up your sex life. This can be anything from strange and new places to have sex such as a closet or kitchen. You can also try out new positions that you haven't explored before. In addition, there is also the option of playing dress-up or trying out some role-playing games for a fun element.

Put his needs above your own

Yes, it is essential for you to practice compassion in every area of life, but doing it in the bedroom can make you a good sex partner. This doesn't mean that you always put your man first, because after all, your orgasms are important too. However, focusing on your partner for pleasing and satisfying them can be really hot and may actually drive you to your own orgasm rather quickly. It is about treating your partner how you wish to be treated and they will return the favor.Read more in this regard on The Adonis Alpha.

Try everything at least once

The world of sex is quite varied and there are a horde of new and amazing things you will hear about. As long as your partner is willing, there is no harm in experimenting and trying out something new. It is justified to say no if you are really not interested and don't feel comfortable, but don't just avoid doing something because you are afraid of how you will do. No one is born a master; just think of the fun you both can have.

Don't be self-conscious

If you feel self-conscious, you will not be able to enjoy sex properly and your partner will also notice. Try and remember the best sex you ever had; chances are that you both were enthusiastic, passionate and just oozing sex appeal. You were not worried about making sure the lights were dim or how your body would look. This can only take the pleasure aware and confidence can give it a solid boost.

Get a little crazy and loud

Obviously, you don't make the same sex noises as you might come across in porn videos. Those sounds and noises are unrealistic most of the time so there is no point in trying to copy them. But, you can be a little less inhibited, which is undeniably sexy. There is no harm in letting go and letting loose the animal inside you and your man will love it. In fact, men like women who make noise because it is a form of praise and it tells them if their partner is enjoying herself or not.

Learn to be spontaneous

If you ask a man, he will tell you that the hottest thing about a woman is when she takes the reins and does something surprising. Learn to be spontaneous and your husband will be delighted. You can always do something to surprise him, especially when he is least expecting it. This can be anything from waking him up in the morning with some body kissing and licking or waiting for him in bed in your finest lingerie. These can have a huge impact because they are usually out-of-the-blue.

Use these tips and enhance your sex life in the best possible way.          

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