Looking for old-fashioned family fun? Why not put away those video games and pitch a tent in your backyard. Family camping doesn’t have to be far from home. Camp safe and secure within walking distance of a bathroom yet still enjoy a delightful family bonding experience.
Here are some tips to help you set up a camp in your yard.

1. Consider the type of ground where you’ll be pitching tents.

When setting up camp, check what kind of ground you’re camping on. Is it wet? Is the ground uneven? Is it too stony? Depending on the kind of ground, adjust your campsite accordingly. Prepare some ground mats if the ground is too cold. If your yard isn’t a suitable space, you can use your porch or deck.

2. Set up your campsite together

You’re doing this camping fun for the kids. So, make sure they help out in putting up the tents, unrolling sleeping bags, and arranging the tent interior. Let the kids help out in preparing everything you need. They can bring the pillows, snacks, and other easyto-carry stuff. Make sure you have a battery-powered nightlight. Prepare the grill for some roast food or barbecue. You can also use a fire pit for a more authentic camping experience. This station should always be under adult supervision. Designate space for your food as well as fire. The fire must be at a safe distance from your tents and other flammable things.

3. Put up a campfire.

For kids, this is one of the most exciting parts of their camping experience. Parents can use this opportunity to teach children how to put up a campfire safely. For more fun and challenge, you may practice friction-based fire starting. Just keep some matches or striker handy if you can’t manage to make fire by wood or stone. Let the kids gather some firewood, tree barks, small and large twigs, and dry sticks for kindling fire. If you have a fire pit ready in your yard, this will entail a little setup.

4. Chomp on some Camp Food

Camp food is even more exciting than campfire building. Create a checklist of the most important camping foods you can pack. Smores and hot dogs are a classic, of course, but try experimenting with other campfire recipes.

5. Prepare some Pre-Dinner Activities

The actual fun really starts when the sun goes down. A traditional camping activity is stargazing. However, not everyone can recognize constellations. You can prepare for scavenger hunts activity. But do this before it gets really dark. Compile a list of objects the kids have to find such as specific flowers or plants. You can also hide items like marbles, marshmallows, coins, and other little items.

6. Stay Safe!

This is the most important tip of all. Though you’re in your own yard, you still have to keep a few things in mind. Tell your kids about fire safety, don’t let them go far from your campsite, and keep your food out of reach of animals especially raccoons. Make sure you always see everyone.
Follow these tips for a perfect yard camping experience. Yard camping is simple and cheap, yet your family (especially the kids!) can get all the fun and joy without having to leave your home.

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