There are a lot of mommy blogs out there, so apparently it is feasible. The problem comes in when you’re holding down a job too, or juggling more than one or two kids. But there are ways to make sure you’re not dropping the ball when it comes to your blog, your kids, or the bills that never seem to go away. 

Monetizing Your Blog

This will help with the financial side of things. If you have a reasonably popular blog, consider an advertising plugin on WordPress, or Google’s Adsense. Being pay per click, they depend somewhat on the popularity of your blog, so the income they generate won’t necessarily be huge, but every little bit helps.

Review products. There are a lot of companies out there who will pay you to test their products post product reviews. A great bonus here is that you often get to keep the products, or at least use them for a while. With kids products, testers are almost always a must, so chances are your littlies could get to try out some cool new stuff too.

Look into SEO. You could offer search engine optimization for other companies through your site, and get a reasonable fee for both your content, and hosting. If you don’t like the idea of writing about topics that don’t really suit you, you could always just use SEO to increase traffic to your own site, either way, it may be worth looking at some seo tips.

Preschool isn’t a Crime

There are plenty of people who might question your decision, as a work-at-home mom, to put your toddler in preschool. The truth is, you’re not being a neglectful or bad parent for sending your toddler to playgroup while you’re at home. It’s hard to get things done with a little one demanding your attention, and at some point, they do need to socialize with kids their own age. 

You don’t have to enrol them full day, or even full week. Plenty of preschools offer attendance two or three days a week. Your little one can adjust slowly to being away from you, and you can get some work done.

Keep Your Priorities in Order

This is one of the sacrifices we make as parents: somebody else is now our first priority. Every parent needs to multitask - balance work, kids, and some kind of a social life to keep us sane. We all need to make a living. If your blog is your living, or if it’s just what stops you strangling your kids when they get out of hand, don’t let it take over completely. Your blog might be about your family, but it shouldn’t be replacing family time.

Finally, everybody’s situation is different. Family is important, so is putting food on the table. Keep them both in check so that one doesn’t overrule the other. And don’t forget to take some time out for yourself once in a while.

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