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I love the Thirty-One brand products and right now you can catch this amazing deal -- but it's only available for the month of April!
Here's how to score this bundle:
  1. Add the Mesh Mix Cinch Bag to your cart ($30)
  2. Add the Summer Fun Caddy ($22)
    • At this point, you qualify for the customer special because you have $35 in your cart! For every $35 you qualify for more customer special pricing!
  3. Go to your cart. 
  4. Once you're in your cart, scroll towards the bottom, you should see the option for adding on our customer specials. Click it.
  5. Select the Summer Days Towel (or you can add the towels if you prefer) for just $15!! Normally this is a $35 towel!
Feel free to personalize your products as well!

Psst... Don't forget to shop through one of my available parties to help support your hostess!


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