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For our customers, Get a great deal on our best-selling Large Utility Tote, NEW Large Utility Tote Ltd. or Double Chill Thermal Set with every $35 spent! Check out the special pricing only available in may with every $35 purchase!! (see it here:

Then, exclusively for our hostesses, you can earn some amazing products - including an exclusive large utility cargo tote! I mean, check out this Large Utility Cargo Bundle for just $35 -- normally $118, JUST available for hostesses when they host a party!!

Want to host a FREE party to earn FREE products and exclusive hostess products? Sign up here!(host a FREE party by PMing me or signing up here:

Want to skip the party and become a Thirty-One consultant? You can just and pick between two different kits for just $99! Plus, when you join my team you get wonderful support with our exclusive Facebook group so you can keep up with the latest promotions and such. You won't be stuck alone and in the dark! We’ll send you an Enrollment Kit filled with over $350 in new products and business supplies – everything you need to get started, including:

• Our No. 1 product – the Large Utility Tote
• Other top-selling products, from thermals to purses, accessories and more
• A guide to walk you through your first steps as a Consultant
• Business supplies including Catalogs, order forms and more
• The opportunity to earn more free products and other perks through our StartSwell program, only for new Consultants.


Of course, if you just want to be my customer that would be amazing as well! Just follow My Thirty-One With Ashley on Facebook to keep up with the latest sales and promotions!

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