What's the biggest issue regarding illegal immigrations for you?

For me it's the fact that people can come into America undocumented, thereby weakening our security.  Illegal immigration is scary because we don't know WHO is entering.  We don't know where they are going, we don't know why they are here.

Once here, illegal immigrants are scared too.  They are afraid of being arrested and deported for no reason. They don't have insurance so they have to go to emergency rooms to get any sort of medical treatment which causes our ERs to be overloaded.  They tend to seclude themselves from other sectors of society because of fear they will be sent back to a country they were desperate to leave.  They work for slave wages because they are taken advantage of by American business men & women with poor scruples.

Why did they leave in the first place and is living like this better than their home?  It must be if they were willing to risk their lives to comes here.  If they are willing to live in washes, ditches and work for pennies.  And then there's the horrific human trafficking issue we have to deal with.  I don't know...they must be desperate to leave their home country if they would trust a coyote with their lives!

So what's the solution?  We can complain about it all day, but it isn't going to change anything is it?  We need ideas, we need to affect change

Here's a solution to consider:

Many people who cross the border illegally do so because they lack the proper paperwork they need to be documented...like a birth certificate.  Did the millions of European immigrants have the proper documentation when they came to America through Ellis Island?  I doubt it, since history tells us that many had their names permanently changed because of an error by an overworked Ellis island employee.  What's stopping us from doing this again? 

  Set up mini-Ellis island type stations along both borders. Document the people who are crossing into America.  Get their names, their originating city/country, give them ID, make them aware of our laws, if they abide by our laws for a certain number of years, tell them they will be granted full citizenship. Give them the rules...and make them aware that if they break the rules they must go back to their home country.  This would accomplish several things...


It would end the fear Americans have that we have no idea who is in our country.

It would end (hopefully) human trafficking and thousands of needless deaths each year.

 It would end the immigrants fears of being deported just by being discovered.

It would end slave wages and unscrupulous hiring practices which could end the strain on welfare programs and emergency rooms.

It would treat immigrants like humans again and give them real opportunities to succeed in America.

It would help.

We need solutions people, the problem will not go away on it's own...we need to deal with the problem and we need to fix it.  So what is your solution?


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May. 16, 2007 at 2:36 PM Intresting thougts, thanks for putting them out there for all of us to ponder!  :)

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May. 16, 2007 at 3:04 PM These I feel are wonderful solutions! People need to realize that they are here nad more are going to come..it is time to find solutions that will help us all.

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May. 16, 2007 at 7:18 PM

i just dont know why this isnt being done in the first place!!!we want them here to work,do the jobs that most of us wouldnt touch with a ten foot pole,i dont see the problem with making stations and granting them some rights when they come here...and allow them to earn the others!!i dont think it will happen though...personally i feel it is a racist setup,its a way to keep others down....the only point they keep bringing up is terrorists-the terrorists from 9/11 were here Legally werent they???


having dealt with the immigration system on a personal level-my husband is trying to become a citizen -i have come to realize they dont care what the story or situation of the individual...just how much money they can squeeze out of them!!!!and trust me we ahve payed thousands and thousands to get this going....and we still have to pay thousands more!!!!


you do have an excellent idea...im just afraid that too fmany people who would be capable of making it happen wouldnt care!

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May. 17, 2007 at 11:08 AM Connie I think you are so right and like you said lets get into the solution. We can argue about this forever but we need a solution that benefits the most people most of the time. I do think that we need to know who is in our country. Unfortunately that is the day and age we live in.So let's have a dry Ellis Island lol. Becuase you and I both know there won't be any boats pulling up to the little stations where we live.!

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Aug. 26, 2007 at 7:41 PM I am in the situation too that my husband is here illegally and they don't care at all what your story is. It's a great idea!!

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Sep. 2, 2010 at 3:08 PM

















How about we secure our borders and permit legal immigration and keep the illegals out?



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