Ugh, I'm so aggravated right now,  I know I shouldn't be but I just am and I can't seem to really get over it at the moment. So I'm on this forum for SAHM's doing the SELF Challenge, for those of you who don't know the SELF Challenge is a 3 month Fitness and Diet program through Self Magazine. On this thread that I took over we post our weight at the beginning of the challenge, our current weight, and our goal weight, along with our height and goal for the week here's my first post:

O.K. I'm reposting the following because A) I think it got buried on page 4 and B) because I saw that 14 people viewed it but nobody responded. So even-though I was late on it this week hopefully next Monday I won't be and neither will any of you! I don't know about you but for me it helps keep me accountable for my work-outs. It especially makes me want to do better when I see that maybe others are losing weight but I didn't this week. It also makes me feel better to see how far I've come from the beginning of the Challenge. So come on everybody don't be embarrassed we're all here for the same reason! We're strong, beautiful, and soon to be summer sleak Mommies! GO US!!! Oh and don't feel bad if your stats aren't super on Monday-it's Mother's Day this weekend!-Have fun it's OUR DAY for once! Happy Mother's Day everybody and good luck!

Hey everybody sorry I'm a week and a day late on this, just got too busy last week to hop on the site. So here's my stats for this week, feel free to post yours too!

Starting Weight: 115

Current Weight: 112

Goal Weight: 105

Height: 5'2" (just didn't want anyone to freak out about my goal weight-I'm petite so that weight is just what I'm used to)

 Goal for this week: To get my butt in gear! LOL! But really, to get back on track and start Month 2 of the Challenge over again and stick w/ it till' the end!

It's really great to hear from new people as well as hear from old members. No matter where we are in the Challenge lets keep going! This forum is a bit confusing but we can always post new threads for this group so it's easier to keep in touch-Just put SAHM in the title. I hope that you all will keep posting and help motivate everyone to reach their goal! TTYL, Alisan"

I try to make this thread a place where people can feel comfortable to post they're stats and not feel judged but feel supported by the members of the group. So far so good, until now. This person posted back to me in what I felt was a rude and judgemental way.

"Hi. I'm Jacey. I am the same height as you, 5' 2". But I weigh 137 pounds. I was reading through this and it made me think. I'm an athlete, varsity soccer player, club soccer player, cross country runner, and track and field participant.

I have a good 22 pounds on you. I do not have a large frame. But I am pretty muscular.

I was wondering if you think that you are setting a good example.


Seriously, why should you worry about your weight like this?

105? Why not fitness? Why not trying to run a mile in 6 minutes?

I currently run a mile in 6:48, which I think is pretty damn good.

Fitness isn't just weight.

Educate yourself."

She definately got under my skin. I was most mad at the last line- um who are you? Are you a Dr? do you have a PhD.? I responded back to her and let her know that 105 was just a Goal for me-not that I HAVE TO BE 105 it's my pre-preg weight. What mom doesn't want to get back down to that? But I'm also realistic I know that it may never happen.  I also know that the HEALTHY range of weight for a 5'2" woman is anywhere from 100-137lbs. I've also consulted my Doc on whether this is healthy for me or not. I was just irked because I've never made it out that weight is the only thing I hope to gain out of the Challenge-I've stated that working fitness into my everyday routine as well as good eating habits, toning, and firming are what I most hope to attain. I know I shouldn't let this person get to me and that what's most important is how I feel and what I feel is best for me. But I just felt that she was so rude about it when she didn't have to be. She could have said "Don't worry if you don't reach 105 because as long as you work-out/stay-active and eat healthily you're just fine as you are" or something along those lines. I also really have the feeling that's she not a mom, but I'm not sure because she hasn't responded back yet. I'm also a little curious to how "fit" she is because for as many activities she participates in I thought she might weigh a bit less at 5'2". Anyway, for anyone that's read this thanks, I just needed to vent, and get my feeling out there. Feel free to let me know what you think, do you feel she was rude or am I just over-reacting? And PLEASE be nice when you respond!!! Thanks, Alisan

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May. 21, 2007 at 11:44 PM i feel u should continue doing what u do nobody should ever tell u what can and can't do some females are expect 2 have the ideal weight for themselves and for every woman but what they fail 2 realize that every one is built differently it doesn't matter its what makes u feel good im 5'6 im suppose 2 weigh 140 but i weigh 165 do u think i care not at all y cuz all the baggage worked out 4 me its right in front and in back lol... so u go girl and do ur thing

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May. 21, 2007 at 11:50 PM Yes, she was quite rude. You didn't say anything in your original post that warrented her response. Some people just try to make an argument out of everything. So I say, you go right ahead and tone up your body how you see fit (not that you need to) and make the rest of us jealous that we can't get anywhere near our pre-preg weight.

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May. 21, 2007 at 11:54 PM It's your body - weigh what YOU want. I didn't get the impression she was being rude....just a little TOO "know it all"!

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May. 22, 2007 at 12:05 AM I honestly think that it was a clash of personality more than her being rude. Yes, she could have been more tactful but honestly it is so hard to get a "tone of voice" from words on a computer screen. You should weigh whatever makes you feel good in the healthy range for your height, and you are. I am only 5'1" and my pre-preg weight was 115lbs and I am small framed, I weigh WAY too much now, but I don't have anywhere near the discipline to get down right now. Sounds like you do, so YAY for YOU! *claps* :o)

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May. 22, 2007 at 12:57 AM its your body..and you have kids getting down to 105 would b a dream weight for alot of moms 6,7" i have three boys my youngest being 4 months almost and im at 160-170 i wanna lose the weight but im going to be real honest..i am very VERY all i do around here i dont feel like jogging lol..i want to be skinny..i really want to go back to being 120 like i was before and i think what u are doing is what we all be at a size we were before the kids..they dont understand and it doesnt do any good to get mad dont give them the time of day see who ends up meeting thier goals in the end..good luck hey let me know if u wanna trade sizes

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May. 22, 2007 at 8:02 AM I think that she was more like a know-it-all than rude, but it still wasn't an appropriate response.... I'm 5'2" also... and my pre-preg weight before my 1st was 102lbs and pre-preg before 2nd was 110... now, who knows what I am and I'd like to keep myself not knowing, LOL.... but if you have the stamina and the discipline to hit your goal weight, ROCK ON!! ANd ignore people who think that they know everything!

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May. 22, 2007 at 10:19 PM Thanks everyone for responding. I appreciate it and it made me feel a lot better. I usually don't care what people think but it just caught me off guard. I think all of us get into a situation like this where we just can't help but get pissed off at the other person no matter how stupid it is. But I just wanted to say thanks to everyone and I'm going to keep at it-although I'm pretty lazy too!-LOL!

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