Girls, I need you to cross your fingers and pray that T is going to have a really good day today...He just went to the high school for his first day of transition!

I am so scared, I think my heart is down in my pants

I just hope he has a good day and that he is going to like the high school.

We're having his IEP meeting in 6 days, so today is most important - anything he learns may help us decide what to add to that plan.

This is such a stressful time for us over here, with both of the boys in some kind of a transition...

I hate Stress!


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May. 23, 2007 at 12:08 PM

Can you see my fingers on both hands, toes, arms, legs and eyes are all crossed for him!



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May. 23, 2007 at 7:29 PM How did the day go? had my fingers crossed :)

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May. 24, 2007 at 7:39 AM

Thank you girls!

Here's the update:

T had a great day yesterday. He met his resource teacher for next year, the guidance counselor, the SPED dierector in school, french teacher, Band teacher and they introduced him to two other kids from Band who also have Asperger's (they are a year older than he is but they'll still be with him in band next year).

He was very nervous at first, but later on starting feeling more at ease and settled into the place. The SPED director told me that she was very proud of how well he got along with the kids and with all the information he had to absorb and the changes he had to go trhough that day. She even said that given the choice between sitting with the resource teacher (who is extremely young, by the way- she is 25yo) and her for lunch Vs. sitting with the two boys he was introduce to and hardly knew- he chose sitting with the kids- something that surprised the teachers because it was the less "safe" choice (in feel) for him in a new environment- again, they were very impressed with his ability and functioning that day.

When he came home, he was in cloud 9. he told me what he has learned about band from the two boys- apperantly next year the band will be performing in Virginia at one point (he's so excited about that trip away from home) and sometime until the end of high school (yes he is planning ahead) they will also have a trip to Orlando, FL.

He also told me about the people he's met and the school itself and was very pleased that he'd be able to study French- he loves foreign languages and is very good at picking them up.

Anyway, his next visit will be next Thursday and it will be for a full day. This time I asked them to show him Gym, band and a few other classes as part of his day.

Next stop, this Tuesday- IEP meeting!!!

Thanks again for all the good thoughts, prayers and crossing fingers

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