My sister took Miles to my moms house for a few hours and then I went to pick him up. He was sleeping and had just started waking so I picked him up. He started making this face like he was scared and was making weird cough/choking sounds. Then he started drawing in air struggling to get any breath at all! I waited a minute to see if he was going to maybe puke or something (it looked like he needed to regurgitate something) but he just kept trying to get air. OMG I WAS FREAKING. I ran him into the kitchen and said MOM HELP MILES CANT BREATH. I don't know how she remained so calm. Thank god I was over there cuz i woulda called the peramedics or jumped in the car to the hospital. But she held him for a minute and then started patting him. Meanwhile, Chris (miles' dad) was in the background yelling LETS GO TO THE HOSPITAL, OH MY GOD, LETS GO... Then he (Chris) starts pouring sweat and looks like he's gonna pass out! Finally Miles lets out a big BUUUUUUUUURP and he's fine. Thank god for grandmothers. I dont know what Id have done. My heart is still racing from thinking about it. Now Im scared he's gonna do it again in the night so I think IM gonna let him sleep with me tonight. I think it happened because I have switched him to level 2 nipples and he drinks a lot faster (4 oz) without burping in between. My sister said she had burped him before laying him down but maybe he needed more burping. Do you guys think fast nipples could have caused that? I really want to prevent it from happening again! God, I dont ever want him to hurt or suffer. Im already a nervous person and I think this baby is gonna send me to the NUT house with worry! I love him so much, more than anyone ever. ANXIETY ATTACK HERE I COME! Thanks for listening


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May. 23, 2007 at 11:20 PM That's freakin' scary!!!!!  My daughter turned over in the bath one day and it took her a couple seconds to start breathing again.  That scared the crap out of me.  I'm not really the type to panic though.  Isn't it crazy how you can love a little person so much that you just........well, there's not even really a way to describe it, but you know what I mean!  I'm glad Miles is ok.. I think it's probably possible that the nipple change may have caused this...maybe he's not ready for that yet?

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May. 23, 2007 at 11:30 PM My daughter use to do that but it wasn't cause she had to burp, when we would change her and her head was weird angle she would do that or when she had diaper rash. She did it for months the first time she did it I freaked out cause it was the middle of the night and I had no sleep and hubby was at work, but I figured out by picking her up and giving her a pat on the back or blow in her face it brought her back earth. I don't think that drinking too fast could have done it at 4 months she was taking an 8oz bottle in about 5-8 mins with a slow nipple. But don't worry next time it happens just give him a good pat on the back. She did have a problem with burping I would set her on my knee with her setting up and burp her that way then I would lightly bounce her it helped with gas she was VERY GASSY.

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May. 24, 2007 at 6:47 AM I am so glad all things turned out great.. That sound terrible to go threw I don't know what I would have done

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May. 24, 2007 at 9:03 AM

Glad to hear things are ok now. The scariest things always come with babies for some reason. I will be prayin for you and your family! Not sure if the nipple thing was the problem but i'm sure it didnt' help. :)

Much luv~


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May. 24, 2007 at 10:49 AM Im glad that your son is doing okay. It had happened to my son, Michael when he was younger and I did panic and thought that he wasn't breathing right at all and found out he needed to burp more than one time and also it did happen when he cries, he hold his breath adn he turns blue in the face and I had to blow him at face and he finally calmed down and back to normal.

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