So this is just to vent. I don't think any advice will help.

Befor my husband and I got together he lived with his sister and her 5 kids. She was behind on her mortgage and his car broke down so so convinced him to take out a personal loan for $5,000. Give half to her and take the other half and buy a car. Low monthly payments ($120) spread out forever. He did it. Stupid he was but thinking of his nieces and nephews he did it.
Well a few months later he met me. Fell in love, got married had a kid. Life changed. Bills piled and life became a bit more serious.
His sister is suppose to be making half the monthly payment. $60. This is a bit of money in our tight budget. We never have extra money as you all know children are expensive. We are a one income family and barely make it every month.

His sister goes to movies, out to eat, shopping on a whim. Buys video games, new toys, and basically what ever she wants when ever she wants but can't seem to ake a regular monthly payment.
Last month the loan came out of the bank on my birthday she didn't have her share. Our account bounced. Nice huh?
So this month on the 23rd I called her up and asked her if I could come pick up the loan payment it's due friday? She himmed and hawed and said yeah stop by after you get Casey from work. We stopped by and while i was in the bathroom she had the nerve to tell him that he needed to tell me never to ask her for the loan payment again. that it was between them and not me. How does this have nothing to do with me when i go without food if she doesn't pay it, how is it none of my business when I pay all the bills and balance our budget? Tell me again how this is none of my business?

My husband wants me just to let it go but I'm having a hard time with it. I hate her. I hate her in a very real way. I can't wait till this loan is paid so I can spaz out on her for real.

The worse part of all this is that we are suppose to be friends and I have told her time and time again if she has an issue with me then talk to me not too casey about it. She plays like she's an up front person but always hides her comments behind her brother. I think this is because she knows I'm smart and upfront and this challenges her control of the situation. She plays like she's so tough and in control but the reality is that she is weak and out of control. Sad.

My plan. I'm done with her. I will no longer answer the phone, or be here when she comes by. I will no longer call her to let her know how her nephew is doing, I won't be there for her crappy excuse of a family outing and once the loan is over with I will tell her why I hate her and everything she is.

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May. 24, 2007 at 12:25 PM

GOOD FOR YOU!!!!..... No advice just support!!!



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May. 24, 2007 at 1:56 PM

go you!!

she sounds crazy!

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May. 24, 2007 at 10:18 PM Outta site, outta mind. I think ur doin the right thing pretending she doesn't exist til all is paid up. ITS DEFINATLY YOUR BUSINESS IF SHES NOT PAYING! THAT *$^%&

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